sooo much goodness... almost too much :(

so many good yoyos are coming out and i dont want to miss it because my budget is somewhat limited.

first off, i am getting the ministar no matter what.

secondly, gnarwals are my favorite animal, and i want to know how they play and if it is worth getting that along with the ministar and some other stuff.

third, i want to try a new flying V, but it is a lot of money. i always wanted to try a spyy or an Hspin or both.

forth, Hspin. a lot is being designed after their baysick. that of course is the cheapest, and i like the look more than the gorilla 411. then on string burn live, i heard of a better grinding yoyo based on the baysick.

ahh so much. but i want a clyw, spyy, and hspin by the end of the summer. you can try to convince me not to get one yoyo, or to get another and i am just trying to make up my mind.

i like: small-medium size
i want something with a nice thunk at the end of the string, but i dont want it to be too much, and i do want it to be slightly floaty and fast for suicides and faster combos.
shape: anything. i liked the shape of the 888x but i hated the distribution, and the hatrick is too good. maybe a little smaller would be nice. i also like h shape. i dont want a V shape or something like the spyy pro. that is just too wide.
price: idealy under $100 but i really do not care. this is a wish list, but the cheaper yoyos mean i can get more yoyos.
look: anything really.

I’ve recently purchased a gnarwhal and string theory remnant…both are great throws. Also got a 2010 g5 and am not as impressed…not too bad with the stacks removed, but with them on you lose your spin pretty quick

Ok, so first of all thunk goes against floaty, so you gotta choose one. The Gnarwhal isn’t exactly small but it fits in the medium catagory. Ministar, is, well, mini, so it fits in the small catagory. Flying V is 55mm in diameter, neither small or medium. Cross that off the list for now. Beysick is 52mm, so another one in the medium catagory. So far we have this:



Now onto play. I haven’t played any of them so I have no idea how they play. I recommend you look up reviews on what people have to say. But like I said, a yoyo can’t be floaty and thunk.

The smaller the yoyo the faster it plays IMO but also the harder it is the land it on strings. I’m going to assume the ministar plays faster than the beysick and gnarwhal.

The ministar is the closest to the 888x when it comes to shape, since it isn’t as wide as the other two yoyos. But it isn’t H-shape. The Beysick is the one to go if you want H-shape. But it’s also wide. So if you want H-shape get the Beysick, if you want less width get the Ministar.

Let get to price now. If you want the cheapest out of those 3 get the Beysick, if you want the most expensive, get the Gnarwhal, if you want something in between get the ministar.

Now, looking at all of that here are the pros and cons of the 3

Ministar pros: Closest shape to the 888x, small, and less than $100
Cons: Not H-shape

Beysick pros: H-shape and very cheap
Cons: Wide

Gnarwhal: Medium size
Cons: Most expensive, not H-shape, and wide.

All in all, I would get the ministar

well, i want a SLIGHT thunk. my hatrick is slightly floaty, yet it still has a nice thunk. but i knew for sure i would get a ministar. and now i am just trying to find the money for some new summer throws. selling some. getting a job. forcing my friends to pay their debts.

So…if your getting a minstar for sure…I guess your set?

i feel the same way, so many yoyos and not enough money

i am getting a ministar for sure, but i am also going to get a couple of other things and i want to make sure i get the right things. plus, my preferences are not set in stone.

if you can wait a couple of weeks get a genesis that has hubstacks(is it possible!!!) or a 44 with hubstacks(Is it possible!!!)

i disslike hubstacks

where are you going to get a ministar? i want one too.

BLC is like, 2 miles from my house.

:wincing depressed emoticon:

if they are cheap, i may get two so i can trade to a person for a good yoyo that i really want too.

A genesis with hubstacks is a superstar

your not even close, just take one look at the shape of each yoyo and you’ll realize their differant.

You could also try the Y Factor.

i tried the P2 and the M1 and they were OK. i know the Y factor plays completely different, but i want to try some new companies first. if i see one, i may get it though.

btw, i hope i get a No. 9. i love rec rev