Best company for high end yo-yos

I just bought a one drop 54 and can’t wait until it comes in… Next I want either an ilyy fury or a clyw Sasquatch. And in your opinion what high end company makes the best yoyo, money being of no importance. Thanks for helping a newb. Peace

Well there is no best yoyo company or yoyo. It’s just what you prefer, so I prefer YYF over everything. :wink:



All of those listed make good yoyos. On any given day any one of them is the best in someone’s opinion. And on the next they’re likely to change their mind.

You left off a few bests, like Crucial, Vs. Newton, Duncan, Madhouse, and Oxygene, just to name a few.

Crucial is in the poll but Ive never heard about the others, except Duncan. I’ll have to look into those thanks… Anyway I totally understand about them all having great products. It tends to happen when several companies try their best to all use the most quality ingredients of the game and produce the best product possible. I’m trying out one drop and i love yoyo next and I hope they hold up to my primo and my skyline the 54 and the fury I just ordered that is. I’m ordering a clyw Sasquatch when they get restocked so I’ll have tried most companies and be able to form my own opinion but most likely I’ll have the same opinion that they’re all great. But if not, screw u guys for not telling me lol

Hspin is BEAST

well it is hard to choose, but i would say spyy is up there. steve was awarded for his companies exilence. i would also say that oxygen makes great quality yoyos, and CLYW also has so many good things. no one can beet generalyos smoothness, and VNYYC has the wackiest designs. cant judge

CLYW makes great throws they aren’t my style as they never “feel” quite heavy enough. I prefer SPYY as their yoyos all have character aside from being great players. My absolute favorite is the BigBrother bully though. It’s a beast, spins forever and feels like it weighs a ton when its only average. My addiction is my most often played with though as it fits in my pocket better. Seriously though it more has to do with the size/shape/weight you prefer as the the actual company who makes them.

Wow you guys really have me wanting to try out spyy and general yo! I guess it really doesn’t matter how fast my collection grows… Just as long as I can still feed my wife and kids… All joking aside though I can say this for yo-yoing. Out of all my hobbies, current and in the past, yo-yoing is generally inexpensive for the large return of fun and the amount of time it can fill without getting boring… I’m sure I’ll be yo-yoing for the rest of my life… Keep the opinions coming guys

Clyw and spyy