Favorite Yoyo Company?

We all have favorite yoyos, but whats the company that most of you’re favorites are from. List the company and/or favorite yoyo from that company.
My favorite company would have to be CLYW because my friend let me throw his gnarwhal for just a few minutes and it was the best! And the artwork and freshness of them are mind blowing! I hope to get one of my own soon.

Right now, it would be hard to pick a favourite for me. I have a soft spot for both SPYY and MonkeyfingeR Design just a touch more than most others.

C3 yoyo design
They are like yyr but cheaper
Have all yoyos for all styles
Makes metals at a very low price but plays at top of their game
So many colorways

My favorite is CLYW (except im getting sick of all these repeated blizzard colorways) and in a close second is ILYY. ILYY doesn’t get the respect they deserve. Such a great yoyo company at a decent price and no blast looks as pretty as the candy blast.

Clyw, puffin because its AWESOME! Confetti looks great on it to!

1.) SPYY
2.) CLYW
3.) General Yo or OneDrop

I forgot to mention c3! facepalm

If I like the yoyo, I like the company.

There’s some companies I don’t like as much. There’s also a few that in my experiences I just don’t care for. I will keep those lists to myself so as not to imply anything negative. There is no negativity implied. It’s all about preferences.

Just to name a few: sOMEThING, YYJ, CLYW, One Drop, SPYY, GSquared, RecRev, C3, General Yo.

I just really like Crucial, I only throw the Cupcake and the AYCE pretty much right now…
•great colorways
•awesome designs
•great for the prices
•cool names
What’s not to love? :slight_smile:


3. General Yo


  1. Yoyofactory (mvp 2)
  2. onedrop (Code 2, mrkmnt nxt)
  3. Spin dynamics (monkey fist)
  4. CLYW (gnarwhal)
  5. general yo (model 10)

Love most of them, but at the end of the day i always come back to YYR.

Yoyorecreation. Hands down, no question.

General Yo of course :wink:

General Yo hands down with CLYW close behind


G-squared :slight_smile:


Do I even have to post ::slight_smile: