favorite company to buy from?

my favorite is CLYW whats yours?

I can’t help but buy every General Yo… they’re just too good not to own one!

Also I’ve taken a liking to CLYW in the past months, and I would like to continue to invest in more of them!

i love the genral yo throws but i just wish theyd mass produce them

YoyoRecreation and C3 for me.



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Then they’d be like YYF and that’d be no fun.

hey YYF is really good to

Great yoyos + good prices and availabilty = no fun?

I never said they were bad, I’m just saying there’s something special to owning a rare piece of art compared to a mass produced thing. lol

See above.

I probably don’t post on here enough for everyone to know who I am, but quite a few of my posts have been SPYY related and that’s because SPYY is my favorite company.

They feel right, they play fantastic, and they look pretty cool.

So it was clyw (own 11 Clyw’s) and then I received a KLR in a trade and couldn’t understand why all the hype isn’t on gen yo. Kinda glad it’s not because I love my majesty and KLR. They’re amazing throws to say the least

YYF. Great yoyos at a great price.



I used to like CLYW, but now my favorites are One Drop and SPYY.

Clyw my blizzard chief should be here today!


lately, CLYW.


I like buying od and yyf