Changes: CLYW to CLYW

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Ive been all over… And CLYW is where its at…

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


I can never stick with one company, there are so many others to try. Keep thinking one company is the best and you’ll miss out on a lot. If the yoyo plays great, I’ll use it.


That’s pretty much my mindset. If I like it, I buy it. If I want it, I buy it. I don’t really care about brands so much but I do have brands i like more than others. Since the chances of me being sponsored are slim to none, PLUS, I never intend to compete or make videos, I see no reason to place any limits on myself.

However, some people need limitations. Some people need change. Some people need change with limitations. For me, I like variety, with the only limitations being what’s in my cases of yoyos. I’m having fun, my bank account is OK. I’m planning a few purchases now. I gotta contact YYE and ask a few questions to see how I’m going to budget stuff out

So many great brands, so many great yoyos. Plus, with the impressive first offerings from new companies, well, all I can say is “wow, more great stuff”. I don’t want to miss out. Otherwise I’d have missed out on GSquare’s stuff, just to name one example

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I used to be a giant General Yo fanboy, but then I used some CLYW’s. Now I’m a fanboy of both. I know that feel to need to belong to one company. And I kind of like being devoted to one company. Especially when that company is just so freaking good. I love General Yo more than all the other companies, and that’s how I think I’ll see it for a really long time.

Also, Jerrod… I have to say that you are one of my favorite people on the forums. You have some of the most insightful posts on here, you actually use good grammar and you are clear to follow, and clearly organized as well. Thank you for being here.


I’ve done this exact same thing. ClYW’s the best.

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General yo and spyy is what I crave.
if they could mix the Addiction + Hatrick
Ohhhhh man


Thank you for posting this. I agree with everything you said. There’s something mystical and wonderful about a Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works throw. I know the description of the product here on this website says that, but it’s completely true. They feel like they were custom made by Chris for you, the owner. I think it feels that way because each throw actually was custom made by Chris for each player. So much time and effort clearly goes into those products. They’re wonderful.

I also agree with you about SPYY. SPYY is my second favorite company. They also just seem to do everything right. There’s something about those Canadians and yoyos. From CLYW, SPYY, Monkeyfinger, Gstring…they just nail it up there in the north.


I have yet to try a clyw.
I havee owned/own an Orbitron 5000, Punchline rep., Addiction, Hatrick, Ethenos, Eneme, Dv888, Fast 201, Magic yoyo n5 and n9, Whip, PGM, Rec Rev Overhaul and have a Bandit in the mail.
And not yet thrown one clyw…
Anyone with a first time introduction to a CLYW?
I have a chief in the cart, but will take suggestions. Any opinions would help a ton!


I can fully understand you, man. I’ve gone through this thing too.

When I first got hold of a CLYW throw(an Avalanche), I instantly fell in love with it. I have 4 Avalanches. But when people started going after CLYW throws I had a change heart.

I went for YYR throws after that. But recently, I obtained a Chief and fell in love with company again.
Actually, I decided to use the Chief for our national contest this November even if I just have one and don’t have a spare.

But we’re a little different because I only focus my attention on one company for my competition throws. With my daily throws, I have yoyos from different companies and I choose what to bring depending on my mood for that day.

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CLYW is a sweet company.


I’ll be honest here - every CLYW I’ve tried hasn’t really stood up to my expectations. Granted, I haven’t played with some of the newer ones, but I have played with many of them.

Maybe I’m just a picky thrower, but none of them stood out to be as that “one perfect throw”

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One brand of yo, two brands, or more. It’s not the throw that’s important, its the smile, the expression, the joy, that moment when time stands still as you find peace and solace with a special toy. ;D


That is the way I feel with my Addiction.
It just connects with me, and is just really special.

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CLYW is my fav but I like any yoyo that looks intriguing to me, and if it’s good, its mine haha


It blows my mind that you guys are even talking about this and it is a subject on here … can’t believe it. Seriously a dream come true to have been able to do CLYW and make return tops that people enjoy so much! Can’t believe it!! Thanks so much for the support everyone :slight_smile:

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Ill probably never own a CLYW yoyo. Ill probably never be good enough for me to feel I can justify spending that much on a single yoyo. That being said, your brand image is a delight, your videos are always fun, your enthusiasm catching. Your display of appreciation and modesty made me smile. May your success continue :slight_smile:


I always put it in context with my other pursuits and hobbies. And, honestly, my wife’s. :wink: If she can burn through $120 per pair of shoes every three months as a long-distance runner, I don’t feel bad spending the same for an activity I’m really enjoying, and the yoyo is going to last far longer, create more sentiments (if it’s the right one!), and stands alone as an interesting “object” (whether you go as far as to call it “art” or not is another story, but it’s certainly a cool “thing”).

I’m into guitar. $120 won’t get you a good guitar or even a truly playable one.

Besides, that’s what holidays and birthdays are for. With any luck, I’ll be getting a SPYY or CLYW for Christmas this year. :wink:

You said it yourself, though-- you have to justify it to yourself. But it shouldn’t be about your skill level. You don’t have to “earn” the right to an expensive toy by being good with it. You just need to meet two criteria:

  1. You feel it will add to your enjoyment, period. At your current level. I would enjoy having a premium throw, even though I suck.

  2. You can afford it. Let’s face it, it’s still a toy. Nobody should go broke for a toy. But my wife and I give ourselves an “allowance” of money that we can spend on whatever the heck we want. So if I make that spend, it’s from money that’s already budgeted as “fun” money. No guilt!

But I ramble… my only point is that only you can decide if spending on a CLYW is right for you, but it shouldn’t hinge on your skill level. :wink:


I think I speak for most or all that I’m happy you decided to. :slight_smile:

p.s. New BvMs would be really cool. Tweak it a bit maybe if you must. (I like the OG though)