A couple of questions about and opinions needed for some SPYY yoyos

  1. Which of these three yoyos would you choose? And why?
    Supra, Spyder II or Punchline Repeater?
    It should be said that in my book all of these three goes as undersized. I’m both fan of slow and fast yoyos, hefty and floaty. I do tend to stay away from unstable throws, though.

  2. Is the Revenger more of a “gimmick” or a performer? I look at the SuperWide and Monster as gimmicks, and the Revenger gives me kind of the same “feel” as those do. But then again, statistics-vise, the Revenger have a substantially higher dia/width-ratio than the two.

  3. Is the Pistolero good by todays standards, or more like the 888 being a not so super design anymore? I already have a El Ranchero, and i love that, so… Is it worth the money from a performance-perspective?

I appreciate all help i can get here :slight_smile:

Anyone? If you have a opinion about anything mentioned above, i’d like to hear! :slight_smile:

  1. I personally would get the spyder 2 because I like it’s shape, Rounded butterfly shapes plays better for my style.

  2. I have 3 wide yoyos in my collection, my YYF Monster, The TENYOYO Wet Whistle and my SPYY Orbiton 5000 and I don’t think any of then are “gimmicks”. Wide yoyos are very stable, they carry momentem very well, and their ability to grind is just awesome, they’re just wonderful…as a matter of fact I think I would get the Revenger instead of the spyder 2.

  3. I don’t know anything about the Pistolero so I can’t say anything about that.

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A cookie to you, sir.

Anyone else?

I loved my Supra. Very nice player, solid, nice feel. Great grinder as well. I have litho experience with the Spyder II, but I have heard great things said about it. I have heard that the Punchline is like a mini Avalanche. Floaty and fast, but also stable and smooth.
I would go with the Punchline.

The Revenger plays great, and is not a gimmick. Awesome design, and a real great player. It has that odd feeling of floaty-ness that only wide yoyos have.

I have never tried a Pistolero

The Punchline feels very similar to an Avalanche. VERY.

Seriously, it’s so good. Try to get an Original Punchline instead of the repeater.

Thankyou both!
Now, how do the original and Repeater-version differ in play? Because the Repeater is a gram heavier?

Anyone know?

I’d be curious to know, too. I think the acquisition of an El Ranchero has turned me into an instant SPYY fanboy. I see a Punchline in my future…

The El Ranchero is a raving thing!

Bump - Any opinions about the Pistolero?

I love my Pistolero although I don’t think it plays into today’s preferences. If I’m correct, they were all D bearings and have a shallow pad response (silicone is difficult and fleeting). I do love the way it plays but not as competition oriented as the throws of today.

Punchline is fantastic.

Haven’t played a supra but I love my pro.

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I second what Coffelt said about the Pistolero.

I prefer the OG Punchline as well. Although, they really don’t play that different. The lighter weight is a little easier on my joints, but that’s “old man” talk…

I don’t really know what to say about the Revenger, except that it’s really fun and I’m glad I own one. I had some of the same concerns that you did. I was pleasantly surprised. It was the first and only wide return top I have owned. Once it was in my hand, it wasn’t really as wide as I was expecting. The extra width really isn’t that big of a difference compared to a normal width, in my opinion. I think it plays really well. It feels really comfortable in the hand.

The Spyder II is the second best undersized return top I have ever played, in my opinion. The Dietz being the first. As far as 50mm diameter throws go, quality and performance is top notch with the Spyder II.

Never tried a Supra.

The Punchline is my favorite return top from SPYY. It suits my preferences. Which are mid/full sized organic/rounded/butterfly shapes with a smooth grinding surface that achieve as much spin time and stability as possible within those limits. That’s the Punchline.

Good luck and happy throwing.

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Thread revival! Was digging around trying to find a Spyder II on the BST and stumbled across this thread.

Since I originally posted, I did indeed go on to get an OG Punch Line which has become my favourite yoyo. Comparisons as a lighter Avalanche are well-founded! Then got a Dynamo. A Supra and a Pro. I’m lucky enough to now also have a Galactic Goose. Oh yeah, and the EH. :wink:

The Supra is an absolutely spectacular undersized. Homba, if you haven’t played one yet, you should give it a go! That said, I’ve yet to play a Dietz (though I’m keen to) and I’m looking into the Spyder II.

Anybody out there have anything more to say about the Spyder II, perhaps compared to the Supra? (I know they are very different just by the shape, but humour me!)… anybody have one for sale? :wink:

There’s a lot of great undersized throws out there. I like my organic stuff more, so that will come across in my reviews and recommendations. I’m learning that V shapes make horizontal a lot easier, but the organic stuff is still my “go to.” That being said, I would love to try a Supra, but another V shape is not high on my list right now.

I think the Dietz plays amazing for it’s size and weight. I was really impressed. I was surprised at how comfortable it was in my hand too. It’s neat how you can change the play with Side Effects.

I would just shove spikes in there. :wink:


Spikes are definitely my favorite. :wink: