I’m completely torn between the spyy punchine repeater and the new solaris. I know this all comes down to personal preference but I was just curious to see what you guys would pick if you had the means to pick either of these up.

personally, i find the punchline to be very fun to throw. i tend to play more slowly with it and spend more time ‘exploring elements’ rather than practicing execution. in terms of ‘mainstream performance’, the solaris blows it out of the water. i find i have more spin (and more importantly, greater control near the end of spin), better regen control, and more stability with the solaris. if you like a chunkier, more bulbous profile, i’d go with the punchline. otherwise, the solaris is pretty tough to argue against.

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As far as the yoyos go. I would go with the Solaris which IMO looks like the nicest SPYY yet.
I’ve also heard the Repeaters eat strings, but I’ve never had any experience with one. :smiley:

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If I were looking for a competition yoyo I would buy Solaris. Its shape makes it good for horizontal tricks and more extreme play.
If I were picking a yoyo for my collection/for fun/for relaxed play I would probably get Punchline.

The Solarus is way better looking so there for it is better. Get that one.

(because looks are all anyone needs, right?)