SPYY Pro or CLYW Sasquatch?

I have gotten some Money for doing work, and selling some throws, so I decided to get a SPYY Addiction, along with either a SPYY Pro, or a CLYW Sasquatch. Any of you guys on the forum tried both or One of them, and tell me how they are? Really Appreciate it. :wink:
Oh, also anybody that has an Addiction, could you tell me how they are? Iv never tried one.

The Addiction is a very solid player with a comfortable shape and a big catch zone. The Pro and Sasquatch are both terrific yoyos, and I would say they are more performance oriented than the Addiction. These are all very different yoyos, but I really like everything about all three. Depending on what you already have, it might make sense to get one SPYY and one CLYW just to get to try yoyos from different manufacturers.

I decided to go with the SPYY Pro, cause it seems like it would fit my Preferences better then the Sasquatch. :wink:

I have a sasquatch.It is great.Never tried a pro though.

I like the Pro enough to own a few of them. Hope you enjoy it!