Wooly marmot or Sasquatch?.?


Just say what u want Sasquatch or wooly mamot?





I dont own either yoyo but I have read a review and Sasquatch is defiantly better


Do you like small yoyos or big yoyos?


I like really heavy big yoyos with big gap

And small yo- yos that’s heavy

(Joshhh) #6

the sasquatch and wooly marmot are two polar oppsites in terms of yoyo’s. one is huge and slow and floaty. the other is small fast and a great player. i have both in 28 stories personally.


Sasquatch seems like a better choice for you.

(laxdude99) #8

You should get the Sasquatch




Not true. Some yo-yos fit peoples preferences more. I love smaller yo-yos even the DM is a little big to me. The Wooly Marmot is very fast and because of that, a little unstable. The sasquach is just as it sounds, a large, heavy beast that is stable to the point of insanity.
But the sasquach fits your preferences, so go with that.