sasquatch or gnarwhal


which yoyo would you recommend me?

sasquatch or gnarwhal ?

Where can you get a sasquatch except for BST???


Please try using the search button. This question has been asked several times so there are already pointers on what to look for when choosing.

There are also several reviews of these equally fantastic, neither one being better, yoyos.


It all depends on if you would rather have an undersized or a full sized throw,
The Gnarwhal is smaller, and the Sasquatch is about the size of a Genesis.
But the Gnarwhal does play alot faster then the Sasquatch, so it depends on what you like better.


Yes this is true because while the gnarwhal is faster I prefer sasquatch.


It also depends on what your prefrence is, play style, full size or undersized, ect ect, we need more information to help you.

The BST is probably the best place, almost all places are sold out of CLYW yoyos, I haven’t found one yet that has any is stock.