Sasquatch alikes

I am in LOVE with my sasquatch, its speed, weight, stableness. everything. So I ask, what throws play like it but still a little different. I mean, I want something like a sasquatch but different? Idk. sounds weird… maybe some will understand :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never played a sasquatch, but the gnarwhal is essentially a smaller sasquatch.

i get what your saying. i love my Sasquatch to. i just got my avalanche and its just like the Sasquatch but a little lighter, faster and a tad bit better at freestyles

I like the CLYW line and have an increasing collection of them. If the gnarwal is like a smaller sasquatch, I know I’d like the sasquatch since I seem to prefer the oversized throws.

the sasquatch is similar to the avalanche, but different enough so that they play differently from each other. I’d get one of the fools gold avalanches that they have right now. :slight_smile:

You might be talking about a gnarwhal. It is just a smaller sasquatch (actually the sasqutch is a bigger gnarwhal, since the sas came out after the gnar). It is lighter and a little faster. It plays the same but diffrent because of the weight and size diffrence.