on the fence gnarwhal or sasquatch

im about to get one or the other just looking for pros and cons not too worried about the size

The Sasquatch is more H-shape than the Gnarwhal so do you like an H-shape yoyo or not?

don’t really have a preference

I believe the Sasquatch is also slightly larger than the Gnarwhal, so, if you’ve held full-sized yoyo’s in your hands and undersized yoyos, see which one feels more natural and if it so happens to be the under-sized ones, then the Gnarwhal would be the choice. If it is the full-sized yoyo’s, then it would be the Sasquatch. Although I’ve only heard that the difference is in size, I have not seen anyone mention a difference in play.

Then what makes you want one of those two?

This would be a question for someone who has played both, as I believe he is just looking for responses like “X has some vibe and wobble, while X doesn’t” and “X binds slippy, while X binds firm”.

yeah thats what i was after but i looked around online and finally went with a team edition gnarwhal