Sasquatch or Battosai

Hey, so which yoyo is better? I like yoyos on the heaver side, but i wouldnt mind a yoyo on the lighter side.


EDIT Battosai or Sasquatch? Which plays better?


ANYONE??? [shadow=red,left]ANYONE???[/shadow]

Better just get the yyf nova

Me? I dont want YYF

In that case pick the campfire

Have you played the Battosai?

i have a camfire. its really good but if u dont like a small yoyo go for the battosai. ive played both and you cant compare them. its like comparing a ford f-150 to a toyota corolla

What are you looking for? You’re not being specific enough…

Many undersized yoyos play well.
Dietz, Messiah, Y-Factor, Yuuksta, Supra, Battosai, etc.

The Battosai is solid, sorta-fast, stable. It’s a little heavy.
The Campfire is portable/pocket yo. Haven’t played one, but it is a pocket throw. Zippy. Small. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

I would go with the Battosai. Its a very nice throw. Super smooth, very nice shape as well.

Battosai it is. Thanks!

What about the Sasquatch?

better than battosai if ur willing to spend the money

nothing is better or worse unless you’re looking for something…
And you’re just throwing lots of things out there.

Although I have not tried a Sas, that’d be a great choice too. I’ve played the Ava and if the Sas is of the same caliber, then go for it. BUT IT IS NOT UNDERSIZED, like you were looking for on YYN.

imo for Undersized, I’d go for the Dietz, Supra, or Yuuksta. TBH