Which is the best?


Avalanche vs Phenom vs Superstar vs Super G vs Battosai

(M.DeV1) #2

I know you want a real answer but sadly it’s all opinion. You can’t really say unless you try them all out yourself.


out of the one’s listed, MY favorite is the Avalanche. but it is all an opinion.


It’s all preference. What are some of your prefences? These are 5 very different yoyos.

Personally, my favorite is the Battosai. It’s the only one out of this group that I’ve tried. It’s not for everyone though, as it is undersized.


Phenom over avalanche
super g over superstar
never played a batossi


smooth stable fast undersized


If you’re looking for undersized, the Battosai is the only one from your list that qualifies.



size aren’t very important so how’s other ones?


Of the lot, my favourite would be the Superstar after you remove the hubstacks (not terribly difficult to do). Haven’t played the Super G before but I hear it’s crazy stable thanks to all that rim weight. The Avalanche is quite nice and like most CLYW throws is amazing but just doesn’t really excite me. The Phenom is fast. Crazy fast. I like the way it plays and moves around but I don’t like that it feels a bit hollow and those mirror caps just ruin the deal for me from a visual perspective. The Battosai is small, fast, and stable. Everything you’d expect from a vsNYYC throw. Like I said in one of your other posts, once you get into the $80+ price range, everything is going to be pretty good and it comes down to personal preference. There are some yoyos that others rave about that I find a bit underwhelming (the CLYW Chief is a good example of this) and there are some yoyos that, on paper, are perfect for my tastes but in reality don’t feel quite right.

In a nutshell: they’re all good throws (like most throws over $80) and the only way to find out what’s good for you is to try as many different things as possible.