Battosai Vs Supernova

I am wondering which would be better in casual throwing and also hvebmore resale.also here’s my pefrences

I like full sized but as long as it’s stable is okay

It needs to be VIBELESS

I love to grind

They are both stable and good for grinding because I have a Supernova and it has a nice beadblasting, so I really like it. But I don’t know about the Battosai.

Resale value and casual throwing don’t necesarrily go hand in hand.

Just pick one. They are both great. And you will find someone to sell it to either way.

I love teh battosai, I have 3 so far. Plays great, stable, smooth, fun. It is just a touch bigger than 50mm yoyos but with its rounded shape and concave catch it tends to feel smaller in the hand. Which I like.

The Supernova I dont own but plan on it. I played it as a friend has one. Also Love it. Its a lot bigger than the Battosai. But has similaar curves and feels comfortable. stable, fast, fun.

If you normally like bigger yoyos Id have to say you would like the Supernova a great deal more.
Resale don’t mater they will both sell no problem.
Both stable can throw anything at it.
Both smooth
Both fun.
really just a size thing. and weight thing
Battosai feels small and Heavy but still floats, plays fast.
SuperNova feels solid in the hand but not gigantic due to the curves, feels light, but plays super fast and stable.

Thats how I feel on them Hope I helped and not confused you to much. really comes down to your personal preferences

Oh this guy, he’s all rich. Lol. But seriously, he’s very right.

I heard the battosai is verry smooth. check out high speed yoyo’s website

two competitive yoyos cant be much more different than the Battosai and Supernova…

both play great and are worth a try :slight_smile:

I would have to vote one for Battosai, Its great,smooth, and plays unique. I really enjoy it. Supernova didnt do much for me, but that isnt to say it wasnt good, just not like the Battosai.

As far as I am concerned, I would get the Battosai, simply because it is made from a Boutique Yoyo company. So the Battosai is going to be a lot harder to come by, whereas YYF will inevitably release a crapload of Supernovas, jump on the Battosai, you can wait for the Supernova, it isnt going anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


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I would go after the battosai