Arctic circle vs code 1

I now have a code 2 and a superstar and a dv888 I’ve narrowed it down to the AC and the code 1. I’ve heard many great things about the code 1 and clyw. However, I’ve heard that CLYW can be overpriced. I only care about performance. Is it worth it to spend the extra money?

If you want performance, speed, float, and nice grinds. Go for code 1.
If you want fun, nice performance, smoothness, and a solid feel. go for Arctic circle.

I would go with the Code 1. Just as smooth if not smoother then the arctic circle, EXTREMELY comfortable shape, very stable, weight can be changed with side-effects, and of course grind rings. Everythnig you would want in a yoyo and then some!

You should only concern yourself with performance. Price is an issue when it comes to the commerce portion.

Both are so completely different, yet amazing in their own way. This isn’t a like for like performance. The Code 1 is an H shape with heavy rim weighting. The AC is more V-shaped. The weight isn’t quite on the rim, but focused a bit lower yet still pushed outside.

Both are smooth, stable and competition grade performers. Are they worth what you paid for it? if you’re happy with it, then what difference does the price make? The SE system the Code 1 uses gives you way more options at a lower introductory price. The AC is what it is, but you can swap bearings if you like(or not). But don’t get me started on pricing. I know what these things cost, so I know exactly how much profit I’m putting in someone’s pocket. Am I angry about spending what I spent? No. Am I angry about putting so much profit in someone’s pocket? No. Am I pleased with these items? Absolutely!

Then again, I have an Anglam and based on what I paid for it(check the price here) and for how it performs, I find the price is justified. I also feel the prices for OD to be a bit low compared to their performance. I feel that the CLYW prices are maybe a bit high, but not unreasonable based on current market pricing in general. However, I do feel if we’re talking strictly performance, I have NO issues with CLYW pricing. Of course, I do want lower prices. Who doesn’t want lower prices? If I like the yoyo, I don’t care about the price that much. Then again, I’ve been fortunate to be able to afford what I would like to get.

OD, CLYW. Two amazing brands. Lots of amazing yoyos. Regardless, if you can, I would recommend playing before buying. If you’re in the Sacramento area, you can try mine.

Code 1, by far, no novel necessary.

I am a huge OD fan… my Code 2 is probably my best playing yoyo. That being said… I think the Code 1 is hideous. Such an ugly shape. It might play better than the AC, but the Arctic Circle is an aesthetic masterpiece. The shape and feel of that yoyo is a work of art. I buy my yoyos based 80% on how they look and feel, not how they play. lol.

Just my 2 cents.