CLYW Arctic Circle 2 vs Puffin 2

I have been quite curious lately and I wanted to see which one was better. I might get one of these for Christmas so I wanted to know. Please help

From what I know, the puffin is more chilled out and fun than the AC which is quite competition oriented, but this is quite subjective. Honestly, they are both great throws so get the one you prefer based on specs. If I had to pick, however, I’d go for an AC since I like competition throws.

The original puffin was more laid back. The new one is more competition. Both are great, I personally like the ac2 better, don’t get me wrong the puffin too is fantastic. Both are fast and stable with long spin times, so what shape and size fits you better?

I like both and their size but I kinda wanted a full sized. I wasn’t planning to go to any competitions anyways but maybe do some cool tricks in public

I would say ac2 then, the puffin is smaller