Puffin owners opinion needed.


For those who got a first run Puffin, I need your opinion on a few things.

It would help a lot if you have an Arctic Circle and a Chief also, because I would like to know how you would compare the Puffin to the Arctic Circle and Chief. I know the shape is different but just want your opinions on the differences and similarities between the Puffin, Chief and Arctic Circle. It would help if you can choose which one you like best out of the 3 but I know some will say you can’t compare and thats fine. All opinion appreciated.



Mine is still on the way… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to hear some opinions too.


Mine is still coming


I have one of each. I’m not going to go too much into why I feel the way I do about these, because anything I post on the subject is simply my opinion, and everybody’s experience will be different. But, here’s what I think:

Of the three, the Chief is the best. It feels the best. That’s broad enough, right? I was seriously thinking this earlier today: The Cheif might be the best yoyo, out of anything. Notice how many times I’ve said best in this description? The Chief is the one. One looking for a yoyo that will be able to handle anything you have, or will ever have, to throw at it, get a Chief. Done.

Next best is the Puffin. It plays nothing like a Peak, for those who were wondering about this. It plays light and fairly quickly. Seems to me to be a kind of tricky combination to achieve. In my experience, it’s the least stable of the three. It’s the widest of the three. I actually don’t like how wide it is. I wish it was a millimeter or two thinner. Good feel though. I haven’t had it for too long, but I’ve enjoyed playing with it.

Arctic Circle is my least favorite of these three. It’s my least favorite CLYW in general, in fact. It just… Isn’t that good, I’m afraid. It’s CLYW, so it’s still good. But, when compared with other legendary yoyos in the CLYW lineup, it doesn’t stack up. It’s dense and just doesn’t feel very good to me. Also, maybe it’s just a stigma, and it might just be a fluke, or a mental block or whatever, but whenever I play my Arctic Circle, I get axle knots like crazy. I know this has everything to do with me, and nothing to do with the yoyo. It’s a combination of the Avalanche and the Chief, I guess, and both of those yoyos are considerably better than this. Still, I’ll probably never get rid of my Arctic Circle, because I really like the look of it, and it’s still fun from time to time.

Don’t know if this helped at all, but this is my take on it.


Ok where to begin.

Chief = Light, big, floaty, smooth, stable… Awesome

AC = Very stable, smooth, not to heavy, not to light, solid feel… Awesome

Puffin = floaty, smooth, stable, fun, light, great feel in the hand, moves fast… Awesome

All three are great and vastly different throws. Each has its place in the CLYW lineup. To me the Puffin plays a lot different than both the AC and Chief. It think it is more “fun” to me. Kind of like the Cascade is “fun”. I think it has that magical blend of Diam/Width/Weight that just make it play the way it does. I love all three throws. I guess it comes down to your preference I guess.

I hope this helped you… I guess all I can say is if you like the Chief and AC then get the Puffin…


If one were in the position of having to make a choice and only purchase one which would be the one you would recommend?


Oh boy thats a tough one… I would say the Chief… I have not had enough throw time on the Puffin to make a full on impression as it is still so very new to me. I deffinitly like the Chief better than the AC though (slightly better) thats the thing with these throws everything is slightly better or worse… I guess that is where everyones sweet spot lies. I for one can’t stand throws in excess of 67 grams… Some swear by them. Go figure.


I have both Chief and Arctic Circle. Those are my two favorite CLYW at the moment. I have at one point or another owned almost every CLYW out there (except h5xchief and wooly mark mont). I had a Glacier express too and I forgot to mention that earlier … i didn’t care too much for the Glacier express, just didn’t have the CLYW feel to me for some reason. Got rid of it fast.

The Chief and Arctic Circle is a tie for me, the reason I asked about the puffin is because I like the shape of the CHief and AC (also avalanche) I guess they are “V” shapes, which is my preferred shape. Which could be the reason I didn’t like the Glacier express, which is more of a “H” shape. The puffin is what some say … “more organic shape” so don’t know how I will like that.

But someone mentioned something about how wide it is and I mostly don’t like wider throws. So its a toss up I guess.

I am interested to see if mgiroux77 or YoAaronD opinions change, given enough time to use the puffin.

Because when I first had the Glacier Express, I loved it… it was the brand new throw love but than realized … nope didn’t work for me, when I compared it to my other throws.


I have the Chief. I have the AC. I also have 2 Peaks as well as I think every other CLYW, except for a 1st and 3rd run Peak.

My Puffin arrived Friday, but I missed being home by 30 minutes(had to leave) so I was unable to sign for it. I got it Saturday.

Shipping box from YYE still sitting completely unopened. I may or may not have a strange unboxing project in mind. If I do the project, you’ll all see it. It’s not going to be your typical unboxing project.


sweet … can’t wait to see that. Also looking forward to what you have to say about the puffin.


I also have all 3, and I like them each so much. It’s hard to say which one I would choose if I could only choose one because right now id say is puffin but just because it came in yesterday and have the new throw fever where I don’t wanna put it down. Clyw makes such great throws that you couldn’t go wrong with either of the 3. My first clyw throw was a avalanche and my second was a chief. I love each of their throws that I own the same: I actually have 3 chiefs because its such a amazing throw and the size is amazing. With the puffin it kinda feels a bit bigger then it really is and the gap is a great size and is deff super floaty and but yet solid and smooth at the same time. I’m super impressed
. The arctic circle is more similar to the puffin them the chief in my opinion. If I had to rank the 3 it would go


That’s only if I had to rank them, IMo I like them each the same. You can’t go wrong with any of these 3. I’m looking forward to getting a peak and a Sasquatch. I’m excited cause I found some for sale and will be ordering them tmrw. I’m not to good at writing reviews so I’m sorry if my reply wasn’t very helpful. Just wanted you to know that each one of the three you’re wanting to buy are so great it’s gonna be a tough choice :slight_smile: if possible you should find someone who owns one and would let you throw it :slight_smile:

What’s your all time faveorite throw you own? Just curious cause then I could tell you which of the 3 I think is most similar to that throw


That’s funny, i love the Arctic Circle, and i think that it runs circle’s around the chief, without breaking a sweat. I don’t like chiefs for play that much actually, just to look at. preference i guess.


I actually have a Chief and Arctic Circle, I actually like both AC and chief the same just like you. I don’t have a puffin and I am trying to figure out… how different it plays compared to the chief and AC.


I’ve opened the YYE box. I’ve released the Gnarwal and Puffin from their prison(concept project in the works right now).

I’m probably going to put in some time on the puffin later today. I’ll also play the Chief and AC for additional comparison as well as a Peak.


I think that at this point, it’s too early to tell.

Any opinion is going to be formed off of a few days play.

If you like the AC and Chief, it’s a good strong bet that you’ll like the Puffin.

It’s certainly a solid throw. As for which one is better or outperforms… it’s probably wise to wait a little bit and give it a month or so…


Here’s my review of the puffin, includes a bit of arctic circle comparison.

@Sniffyo on twitter


Your reviews are excellent. You are the reason I got a Puffin.


I agree excellent review and hope you are ok from the accidents :).

I started to notice center tracs in new CLYWs.  Puffin, my new chief and AC both came with center tracs.  My first AC and Chief had flats.  I wonder why.

Anyways, Sniffy you said you did notice some differenced between the AC and Puffin, mind posting about that?

I will probably end up getting one, I just wasn’t in a hurry to get the puffin.


I seem to remember the Center Tracs coming in all CLYW throws released after there was a number of posts about the first run Arctic Circles being too grippy with the Snow Tires taking awfully long to brake in. As curved outer race bearings seem an obvious remedy for this, I assumed there wasn’t a coincidence. Just that though, an assumption.

I’m glad for it. I love them.


And Sniffy, continue to take care of yourself and your family first. I promise we’ll be here when you’re ready to come back “full time.”


Thanks guys. I appreciate your comments.
I sent the puffin off to the contest winner after the review, otherwise I’d give it some more throwing to give you more thoughts on its comparison directly to the AC.

One thing I did find in the review process is speed. I found where the AC is certainly fast and maneuverable, the puffin was very poppy and quick in changes. Also being I have small hands, I’m much more comfortable in chopsticks with a smaller throw. The puffin was definitely more suited for me, not because there’s an enormous size difference, but the puffin is definitely more center-weighted and has a more compact feel.

Another thing I found was the puffin did really well in horizontal throwing. Like I mentioned in the review, I’m horrible with horizontal, but with the puffin I found that even I was able to hold a drastic angle without hitting myself in the face, so that may be a pretty good endorsement…

I was pretty surprised at this aspect, being really the puffin shape is almost the opposite of traditional horizontal shapes (like the yeah3 which is designed for horizontal).

I also found compared to the AC the compact shape combined with the same high stabilizing ring in the cup, it was extremely forgiving on an off throw where the AC is, but not as much as the puffin. It also carried over into playing at an angle, it really holds at the angle you throw it, and the little raised area holding the response went a long way toward limiting resistance against the body.

Hope that helps.

@Sniffyo on twitter