Puffin Spin Times

I hear the Puffin’s spin times are pretty bad, but are they good enough to do long combos? What has everyone averaged on their spin times with their Puffins?

Average spin time? Long enough. :slight_smile:

I’ve had mine for a little more than a week now, and I seriously can’t see where all the complaints of bad spin time have been coming from. I love mine, and I’ll be doing a review of it in the next week because I think it’s an awesome throw with too many negative things said about it. Just my opinion, though.


I’m no long-combo king or anything, but I don’t find it shockingly bad for spin time.

No problems with spin time on my Puffin. Gets me through all I need to get through with plenty to spare.

I’m hoping to buy a FG one when I see one. They look fun.

Maybe those people don’t prefer such a type of yoyo? I see no issue in cases where spin time may be shortened due to a higher overall weight distribution. Perhaps “shorter spin times” can be attributed also to more overall stable yoyo with reliable regens in some cases?

As others have already mentioned, it doesn’t seem to have terrible spin times to all.

My puffins great! Nothing wrong with it.

From what I’ve seen Palli do with it it unlikely that they are that bad at all. Besides it looks like a 2nd Gen peak mashed with a Chief so it has to be good :wink:

wow thanks for all the replies! I wasn’t planning on getting a Puffin, but now I want one!

Spin time on the puffin is fine. It’s a very capable yoyo.

Who does long combos anyways? Do short combo, bind, throw again… Literally takes 2 seconds ha… You aren’t competing, just having fun :slight_smile:

ok well maybe not SUPER long but like 30 seconds.

actually never mind any premium yoyo should be able to complete any 30 second combo.

Never felt anything wrong with puffin spin time

wow. I read all of these reviews and they are like “the puffin has CRAPPY spin times.” thanks guys. :slight_smile: im gonna ignore those reviews.

Could I get a link to all those crappy spin time reviews?

I just timed a 4 minute sleeper with my Puffin and I haven’t even cleaned or treated the bearing since I got it on the first run, ordered on the day it dropped.

There you go Studio. I also found just as many reviews saying the opposite. This is ridiculous.

Spin times on my Puffin are fine. Maybe it doesn’t spin as long as say, a Chief, but do I need it to? Does it matter? Is the difference that big? No, no, and no. I like the Puffin because it is the best organic-esque shape that I have found that does very well with horizontal play.

I read those same reviews and comments. Thanks for all the replies guys. My question has been answered :smiley:

I would like to first say that I absolutely LOVE my Puffin. The spin times are pretty good, however they are not necessarily a good as say, a Chief. But if the Puffin were transformed into a sleep monster, it wouldn’t have its nimble and fun feel.; all of its character would be gone. That being said, the sleep times are perfectly fine (I’ve gotten 5.5 minutes with one), and not anything to worry about