I want a puffin but I dont know how it plays.

How does the Puffin play?

Light and floaty, yet stable. It feels wide-ish even though it’s not the widest yoyo you can buy, but it has a nice smallish diameter that’s extremely comfortable in the hand.

I think it’s my favourite CLYW that I’ve tried. It’s does NOT feel like one of those “solid on the string competition-oriented” throws, that’s for sure. Light, fun, stable.

I definitely agree with this. It’s more of a fun, laid back throw than anything, and a great yoyo to carry around. I love mine to death, and while it isn’t as stable as the likes of a BvM2 or Chief, it is still a great yoyo. Like Greg said, it feels wide, yet the shape is comfortable.

It isn’t the best horizontal throw out there because of the shape, and because there is more weight towards the center of the yoyo than you want for horizontal. This center weight is said to decrease spin times, but I have noticed nothing of the sort. It spins fine, long, and like most yoyos, is dependent on the technique.

It’s an awesome yoyo, and quickly becoming one of my daily carries. If you’re looking for something fun, this is your yoyo.

Edit: Forgot to mention, this thing is a beast at chopsticks tricks. Normally, I’m not great with chopsticks, but the Puffin really seems to work well. Plus, the box is cool. :smiley:

My experience with clyw is that no matter what you pick, you’ll enjoy it. I would have to disagree about it being undersized :edit: "smallish"though. I consider it a full size throw

It’s a bit shy of being a full-sized throw, which most people consider to be in the 55/56mm zone. I don’t think anybody said “undersized” which is in the 50mm category. The diameter is just “smallish”, like the PunchLine.

Guess my hand cant feel the 1.65 mm difference lol

nooooo but your brain has the ability to process information, it also allows your eyes to read. Yous a smaht guy do dah maff.

Guess not. :wink:

Personally I find it absolutely amazing how much difference a millimetre can make. In the past I’ve been more or less the same as you: “A millimetre? Really? I call BS that you can feel that,” but then I’ve actually done side-by-side comparisons and sometimes a millimetre is all it takes to make a significant difference even to the naked eye! Put them on top of one another and you go, “Yeah, almost the same diameter, really.” But then put them side-by-side and you can easily identify the smaller one!

I think that difference translates to the hand as well. Sometimes you can be fooled (I find the Code 1 feels like it has a smaller diameter than it really does) but for the most part you (the royal “you”) can tell when you have a yoyo of a certain diameter range in your hand.

double post my baddd.

I have known greg to be a stand up guy, if he says its legit, its legit.
I have always wanted to try one, just didnt have money when they dropped. I did have a marmot, which the puffin reminds me of somewhat, totally different yoyos, but it played floaty and fast, stable and smooth, light. It was a very fun throw.

I would say go for it bruddah! Who knows you might just discover its perfect for you! What colorway are u lookin at?

Well I love JackRabbit

My experience with center weighted vs outer rim weighted yoyos in general is that they both spin fine on their own, but center weighted yoyos will be more sensitive to technique in play. And that’s what counts, how it reacts in play, and that’s highly dependent on the thrower.

The Puffin is really nimble, extremely fun, and shines with careful technique.

It’s a very fun and nimble yoyo, best one that I have anyway. I love it because of its comfortable shape and perfect size (at least for me). It’s great for chopstick tricks and pretty good for moebius tricks. It has great spin time and stability. I like it even more because I got mine for $120 instead of $155. It’s good for a throw to carry around but not so good for competition. Just in case you didn’t know it’s always good with this yoyo, chief, and Arctic Circle to take a Q-tip every now and then and go threw the double rings to keep any dirt or dust out of them.

good choice :wink:

The puffin is a great yoyo, my current favorite because its small, stable, and plays like none of my other yoyos.

It’s just a lot of fun to play, definitely a good pick up. You can get some mint ones on the BST for a good deal. That’s how I got mine ;D

I love Palli. Hes one of my favorite players

It plays just like a cascade! LOVEING MINE.

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Lol, yep. ;D

Anyone have one for trade?

I might…