Puffin Review (first impression)

-It is a marmot with better stability and a little less floaty…but still floaty.
-It is a comfort throw.
-It’s not a mixture of a peak and a chief at all. If anything it is just a marmot with changes. (playability, not looks)
-I dont LOVE it. I dont HATE it. It reminds me a lot of the canvas, just smaller. (playability)
-Not the best on grinds for its shape but it is good for horizontals surprisingly.
-It has a wide gap. You will notice it more than anything. This is what makes it stable.

Stability: This is a big weird thing with the yoyo. It will be stable. Once it loses a tiny bit it will REALLY lose it if you know what I mean.

This was a success for CLYW. Most comparable to Marmot and Canvas. It is a mix between those. I know it has the Chief rings… I wouldn’t even call them chief rings since every CLYW seems to be coming out with them.

When usually get a CLYW I can’t put it down for a long time but this one I can put down quickly. It plays good but I think it may be a little too light. It seems like if it didn’t have the wide gap it wouldn’t perform the way it does. It would wobble out of control faster. It really is the definition of a comfort throw. Especially because i think this is by date the smoothest throw by CLYW. Good stuff as usual!

My impressions are a bit different.

I feel it’s like a Canvas crossed with a Chief with just a touch a GE thrown in near the bearing recess.

I found it to be stable, but it has a threshold to how much slop it will tolerate before just tanking. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. My throw is often off, and I don’t have too many issues with this yoyo, but this yoyo won’t tolerate anything else

It’s got a lot of Peak DNA in it. It does play a bit lighter than the Peak, but doesn’t have that kind of heavy feeling a Peak can exhibit. To me it plays nothing like the Canvas.

I do agree that the wide gap helps, but I think adding that extra weight at the rims is the biggest contributor to that stability. It’s super comfortable. I also agree about the Chief rings, but I think that’s been given that tag since the Chief came out with it first. It works, they work. It does a good job.

I’m still feeling this yoyo out. I am thinking I’m going to still like the AC and Chief better. Only time will tell. But, in my justification, those two are both more a shape and size I am more comfortable with.

After some time i have realized that the puffin is pretty descent but seems weak especially when compared to the artic circle’s powerful long, smooth spin. I dunno it just doesnt feel like the puffins on the same level though it does bring some different aspects into play. Im hoping the cliff has some real power to it and is as feathery as they say its is. Puffin definitely is feathery, but a bit too light and fluffy for me.

Just to throw this out there, I do not own a Puffin, but a work colleague does, and I use it a few times a day when he brings it in. The only CLYW I can compare it to are the H5xChief (as you know… nothing similar at all!) and Gnarwhal (again, no similarities here!).

So speaking as someone without a preexisting bias, I would like to say that I think this is a wonderful return top. I don’t feel like I have an exceptional throw, but yet it stays stable in a major way. It does feel rather light overall, and it’s also a touch wider than I have started to prefer.

I would get one in a heartbeat, if it weren’t for my curiosity. Not having ever tried a Chief, I’d be more likely to buy a Chief or another CLYW first. But I can definitely see getting one some day.

When comparing the Puffin to the Peak, it’s critical to say which run of Peak. IMO, the Puffin plays similarly to the 3rd but not the 2nd run Peak and I’m supposing this is due to the 2nd run Peak being the most rim-weighted, and therefore heavy feeling, out of the three.

I like the Puffin better than the Chief but they are very different (apples v oranges). The Chief type yoyo is more in style right now and I think many impressions of the Puffin will be colored by that.

More time with the puffin though makes me realize it is solid and so are all clyw. They just cater to diff styles