Is the puffin worth the money???

Just wanted to hear some thoughts on CLYW’s throw, The Puffin, from what ive been reading on facebook, people have been going nuts over this yoyo and it sold out pretty quick. What drew me in to this yoyo was the shape, i like that really curved in shape on yoyos, and also the added chief rims which just made it even better.

From the reviews ive heard, this is an “ok” yoyo, and also the reviews were pretty mixed, some good and some bad.

Just wondering, is this throw worth it, i trust that all the CLYW throws are top notch, but what do you guys think, should i invest my money into this throw, cause ive been in need of something new for a while now.


I’ve never tried a CLYW, but people say they have some of the most smoothest throws. So I’m sure it’s great.

I truly think it is worth

Eh. I wasn’t blown away by the one I tried. If you have enough for a Puffin, get a Chief. The Chief is really one of, if not the best, CLYW. Or, try an Arctic Circle. Both really nice throws. And don’t forget the Avalanche and the Sasquatch. But really, the Puffin has nothing on any of the throws IMHO.

No, no one says that.

I’d get it over the cliff.
But, I don’t think it’s completely worth it’s price.

The Puffin is ok, nothing more nor less. It was bought quickly because it was a CLYW new release and they are hyped more than almost any other brand at this point in time.

Now I love CLYW, I have plenty of their yoyos now but I will not sugar coat a yoyo that does not meet my expectations.

Apin time and stability were ok and the yoyo overall is just ok, just not worth the ammount of money that you would put into getting this yoyo.

The cliff is Ridiculously good.
For sure

My question to you is. What are your preferences? I ask because we are all different. For my style of play the Puffin is great. I love mine and it is one of the smoothest non One Drop machined CLYW I own… That said the Chief, Avalanche, AC, Cliff and GE are more stable and longer spinning but I love my Puffin just the same. For me it was the specs that sold me… It’s midsized and wide similair to the Cascade (another fav of mine)

It all comes down to preference…

Just nope.
Overpriced piece of metal.

Well put. People are buying outside of their preferences, but expect the yo-yo to still suit them. Never buy a yo-yo based on just hype or impulse. Buy because you think the yo-yo might suit your tastes, based on the looks and specs, and reviews of people who have similar tastes. Those who buy on that criteria, are disappointed less than others.

This. I got one because I wanted light and hoppy, while still being fast and stable. Another factor to think about is its great horizontal. Check out Sniffy-yo’s review, that’s what sold me on it.

I personally love my puffin. I feel the width that it has suites my style very very well. Spin time is not the greatest but its still good. I don’t feel there was that much hype for this yoyo as there is for others. I completely feel it comes down to preference though.

I do. The puffin is THE smoothest thing I’ve ever thrown. I don’t think it could get any smoother.

You have OBVIOUSLY never EVER tried any type of oxy.

Or A-grade General Yo, for that sake.

Though does it really matter? Any yoyo today from one of the big, renowned manufactures are going to have far less vibe than what will affect play. Unless the only thing you do when throwing is checking for vibe, then sure, i’d go for a General Yo. If not, dont care about it.
A yoyo being smooth isn’t really saying anything about how it performs. I mean, you could tune a Yomega Fireball to be dead smooth - it still wouldn’t perform good. A dead smooth Chief will play exactely like a Chief with a hint of vibe. There will be no difference in play. At all.

Comparing the Puffin to the Chief is apples vs. oranges, they are quite different. I had a Chief but the Puffin suits my current preferences better.

For example: if you like chopsticks, the Puffin is a better choice. Look at Palli’s style, he likes tech and close-in moves. The Puffin is his yoyo of choice.

A smaller, more rounded throw is not as drastically effected or knocked off axis by accidental bumps and hand contact as a more angled and larger yoyo is. This is why I think yoyos like the Puffin are better for learning chopsticks and tech that requires small maneuvers and threading the yoyo between strings in tight formations. Meanwhile, the Chief is more appropriate for bigger maneuvers and body tricks.

So, if you want to know if the Puffin is right for you, think of the type of tricks you like to do. Knotty tech, chopsticks, and lots of little hops? Puffin is good great for that. The Puffin is one of my favorites right now but it’s not going to be for everyone.

Or a Berserker or Sleipnir, or even a Yoyo Apartments Shooter witch is just ungodly smooth.

aren’t they all?

By that definition, yes.