Whos getting one, and what color?


I am! I hope I can get my hands on Blizzard.


Thats what I want, but i’m probably gonna go for something less popular.



but I cant have one :frowning:


So I’ll have less of a chance of getting one if I go for Blizzard?


Well not too many people are posting here, so go for the Blizzard! I really REALLY want a grey with blue and purple splash one.


Want one, but ugh, having a hard time pulling the trigger at that price… $160 shipped. Ouch.


Just bought a Pekka Team Edition :))))

(SR) #9


If all CLYW’s just had a $100 shipped price tag, I would seriously own pretty much every CLYW ever. I bet they would sell alot more like that too.


I gots me a grey purple blue = stoked!


But they have it at a high price for a reason. If everybody could afford a ferrari or 750i BMW, it wouldn’t be so cool, would it?


Nice buddy!


Got a Pekka coming my way. This will be my first CLYW!


But BMW makes BMWs and Ferrari makes Ferraris, and it’s neither here nor there, but we all know who does the manufacturing for most CLYWs, and who all uses the same ano company, and what the costs really are. For me it’s all about value for money. Can i really justify paying 50% more for a yoyo just because of the company name when yoyos made by the exact same people are far less? Sometimes i do, but in this case it’s tougher than usual…


Everybody has an opinion, but you could also argue that you aren’t buying the yoyo; you’re buying the lifestyle. (any tournament wakeboarders or waterskiiers here? That’s a Mastercraft quote)


Snagged a Northern Lights. This is one throw where Northern Lights looks really good. And hey, I saved 10 bucks! ::slight_smile:


10:19, 3 Rootbeer Blizzards, 3 Blizards left.

I think they’re priced at market value.




Sure as someone with a degree in econ i’ll agree with you. Only bothers me when people think they’re priced this way for quality or workmanship when it’s obviously not the case. Oh well.

Enjoy your new throws guys, can’t wait to hear about them. Personally i just couldn’t do it. Had money ready and everything but couldn’t justify it. Hoping for a Black Friday deal on the Glacier Expresses that have been languishing and maybe some B-grades popping up on CLYWs site.


I’m gonna wait for another run. If I had someone to throw with out here I’d have bought it.


Huge HUGE thanks to everyone that picked up a Puffin! I’m really proud of how well this throw turned out! Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you so much for the support! :slight_smile: