Chief or Arctic Circle or Puffin

Which one is your favorite of the three and why?

Please help.


Original or new one?

None they are all overpriced.

Stop. He asked Chief or Arctic Circle or Puffin. He didn’t ask if they were overpriced.

None of them really blew my mind but if I had to pick one, I’d go with the Arctic Circle.



They’re actually very different yoyos given the specs, and I do own all of them so I can confirm this. I can’t really tell you which one you’ll like if you don’t already have a preference based on this, but I wouldn’t say that any of them play similarly enough that I could really compare them.

Chief-Big, very stable, plays on the floaty side
AC-Mid to full size, not as stable, plays heavy and powerful
Puffin-wide, stable, plays light and quick

I personally put them: Puffin, Chief, AC… but I like a wide throw and I also prefer lighter, quicker throws. The Chief is probably the most solid player if I were to recommend.

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Puffin. It is sturdy, flows, and dead smooth.

Get the puffin its stable, floaty and fast.
Lots of fun.
plus theres awesome colorways available right now like confetti

Too bad you got my opinon anyway. have a great day!

Chief. Much prefer it to the other two.


Chief or puffin.

I’d also like to say, the Cliff shouldn’t be left out!

I’d recommend that, otherwise, chief