Puffin vs Arctic circle?

I recently won a chief and glide :smiley: and I want another CLYW. I have come down to the puffin and arctic circle. As I’ve noticed, my code 2 and chief play very differently. And I find it very difficult to pick a favorite. I would like to know their differences, how they play, what you prefer, and why. Thanks mucho

I have a puffin and an AC. My preference between the two is the AC because it is more stable, and plays faster. Also the puffin’s diameter is a tiny bit undersized, and it’s width is very wide. These are both very good throws, and this choice is all preference.

Feel like adding bvmr2 to the mix. So an opinion on that is appreciated too

Arctic Circle

I have a Puffin and have played a Bear Vs. Man Round 2 and Arctic Circle. Out of the 3, I recommend the BvM2. It is fast, stable, and floaty all at the same time. It is one of the best yoyos I have ever thrown!

The Arctic Circle feels quite solid. Lacking a bit of stability for my liking.

The other two I’ve only played briefly. The puffin was ok, but didn’t feel anything special and also lacking a little in the stability department, though this was more expected for a yoyo of its diameter. The BvM2 was nice. Nothing particularly stood out, just felt like a well rounded pleasant yoyo to throw.

I hear the puffin is more of a, kinda layes back chill type yoyo, and the arctic circle is more competition serious yoyo, what did you get?

I own the AC and the BvM2 and without a doubt i can say BvM2 > AC in pretty much everything (the AC is still awesome but the BvM is just beastly). Get the BvM 2 ;D