Your thoughts on the Chief and Arctic Circle- how do they compare?

I realize that there are many of these “vs.” threads, but I’m very interested in getting both an Arctic Circle and a Chief, but unfortunately there’s a little thing called money. So, I can only afford to get one. But I will for sure be getting one for sure. Anyways, I’ve heard these are neck and neck in terms of play. Would some kind soul who owns/have played both throws be willing to compare the two, and which one you favor most and why. Thanks so much guys!

Chief is bigger, spins longer, floatier, feels lighter.

Arctic circle is fast, too fast in my opinion. Not floaty. Does not spin long.

Chief is better, lighter version. Then again, this is just my one opinion.

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I like the Circle a little better. Honestly, they’re not a whole lot different in terms of one being “better” than the other. The Chief is more stable, and has a more floaty and lightweight feel in the air and on the string. The Arctic has a little bit of a speedier personality, and I can sense its weight more accutely when it hits the string. It feels a little more “powerful”.

So, I think that’s the choice to make. If you play like Jensen’s 2011 World’s, smooth and graceful combos, I’d probably go Chief. It’s got a really mellow personality and the stability makes for really great, long sequences. If you’re a little bit more Mickey, and like to really whip it around and get tons of string hits in 10 seconds, I’d probably go AC.

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This seriously stinks because I know new runs are coming of BOTH and normally making decisions on yoyos and giving advice is pretty easy but not when I’m about to drop all my cash on a yoyo. I’ve heard SO MUCH good things about both throws. Oh well, keep the opinions coming. lol

I’d say Chief for you. Knowing how you like the Wooly Marmot, it has a bit more float than the AC. It might appeal to you a little more. Just my thoughts. :slight_smile:

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They are both super solid throws so either way you are going to be set. I agree with what was said above, the chief is definitely floatier and little lighter on the string vs the AC. My experience is that the AC though is actually a little more forgiving than the chief in terms of stability. Chief seems to have longer spin time but you need to be a little more accurate to keep it straight. I guess it all boils down to preference… My bet is on the chief… theres something classic about it that just can’t be topped

Hope that helps

1 Like,45158.0.html might have the answers you’re looking for…

That is an awesome review, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who loves the canvas