Who is the best?

what do you guys recomend? the chief or arctic circle? i’ll get one of them, but don’t know who :slight_smile: i like yoyos with more like round gap chape and like pocket zises like 888. never tryed a wide one like chief, but what’s you experiences?

They play very different.

I like my Chief better. The AC brings together elements of the Avalanche(a favorite), the Chief(another favorite I like more than the Ava) and the Canvas(which I am not a big fan of), and rolls them into one yoyo. The AC is decent, mind you, but if I have to compare the two, I gotta say Chief for my preferences.

Do keep in mind that it’s a matter of preferences. My answer should not be taken as a standard or reference type answer. My answer should merely be taken under consideration and weighed against other answers, some of which I hope disagree with mine. I’m not “right”, I’m only “right” in regards to my preferences. However, while my Chief is clear across the country right now so a friend can try it out, I have been mostly playing my Arctic Circle. However, a Code 2 just arrived so I am planning on putting OD discs in there and seeing how that flies.

I find the AC to play more like an 888 because it’s a little smaller than the chief. I like the chief better but for your likes I would go for the AC.

ok. thanks! and what bearrings should i have to it? it’s size c, right? but who is the best bearring?

Just like with yoyos, bearings are also a matter of personal preference.

I find in CLYW’s, a One Drop 10Ball seems to do the job better than the stock bearings, but in this case, with the AC, Canvas and Chief, the stock bearing is fine. A friend plays Crucial Groove bearings whenever possible. KKs are nice too as are CenterTraks. I always recommend having a complete set of bearings for experimentation with. When you find the right fit, buy a replacement.