Arctic Circle or Chief


Sorry to be “that guy” posting “that thread” but would you recommend an AC over a chief or vice versa? I like full sized-mid sized yo-yos that are stable and solid spinning.


Chief. Nuf said

(UmeNagisa) #3

Yup Chief, as it is larger, and thats what you prefer


AC. More stable and solid. Fits your wants perfectly.

(SR) #5




It’s like chicken vs egg, they’re both so amazing. It’s really a question of which to buy first.

I vote AC


chieeeeeffffffff ;D :wink:


Thanks so much for your opinions. I really appreciate it, but i’m going to have to go with the chief, because I have a feeling that AC will still be available later in the color ways i like. Thanks again.


Depends on my mood. Both are amazing.

Chief is a bit larger in diameter and width. AC is upper-range of midsize, Chief is right in the full sized range.

I’m more into full sized. I can enjoy either of these, which is good because I have both.

Going to say Chief only due to my preferences.