Arctic circle or chief?


Ok so I need a competition throw. I have small hands but I need performance. I do mostly freestyle tricks. Chief, or AC.


What are your preferences (More detail) ? Straight off the bat, I can say that the AC is slightly smaller, so you may want to go with that for your smaller hands . The Chief isn’t uncomfortable by any means, so I don’t think that is going to be a factor.

Personally, I like the Chief more, but that’s just me.


Well I do vertical play only. It’s usually relatively technical. I do a lot of hops, slacks, suicides, and whips. I hope this helps.


Arctic circle seems the best for you.


Do you do fast ,tech,3D play? Like Zach. If you do, get the arctic circle, it was made for that. But I haven’t tried one. Everybody seems to be liking the chief and If i could choose, I’d go with the chief.


Ok I know what I need to about the AC. Could anyone tell me how the chief plays?


Go AC. I’ve played both, have an AC. Wasn’t a fan of the Chief. But I love my AC to death. Especially for your needs, the Ac definitely wins.

AC for sure.


Really? I have exactly the opposite opinion. There’s something AMAZING about the chief - it’s fast, buttery, just unbelievable. One of very few yoyos that actually makes me feel like I’m better at tricks when I use it. There’s this indescribable quality to it that is completely unique.

The AC is definitely not a bad yoyo, but it just feels really standard/generic. Not significantly different from any other CLYW. Spins well, handles tricks well, but it doesn’t make me excited like the Chief does.


I love both chief and arctic circle.
But I favor the arctic circle a tad more.


Could you tell me why you favor the AC more?


I have the first run and its 67 grams
Im not sure how the lighter ones play(2nd run and beyond)
But its solid, stable, and smooth.
The weight distribution is amazing giving great stability during big body involved tricks, long combos, and slow artistic technical play. Plus little spin loss. So when you bind it comes back with a thud.
And due to the distribution of the weight I pulled off a 15 second finger grind.
You can also push it at higher speeds.
A good choice in 5a as well.
But in horizontal you need a little experience.
To sum it up a great choice in both 5a and 1a.
Again im not sure how the new 66 gms version plays. probably much more faster.


I don’t have a chief, but I can say that the AC is an amazing throw. However, it really doesn’t matter which one you choose. Really. Pick either one - the yoyo won’t make a huge difference in your freestyle, and these are both fantastic yoyos. Good luck!