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how good of a yoyo is the puffin 2? anyone buying one when they releaser it?


should i go for a puffin 2 or arctic circle 2nd expedition…? what are some popular collar ways?


In my opinion an AC2. Popular colorways are:
Hulk Smash Fade,
28 Stories,

Get what ever looks best to YOU


I like all the green ones except Hulk: Maiderade, CAmp CAribou, Ninja Hurdles, especially the Northern Lights one


Puffin2 and AC2 are really different throws.

Puffin has a smaller diameter with a more rounded shape.
AC2 is bigger with more of a V shape.

Both are really great players, I personally like the Puffin2 more but I’m a bit biased.


Not really, it’s only ur sig yoyo :slight_smile: