Clyw puffin 2 vs clyw Arctic circle 2

With one is better help I can’t decided

They are so different… what are you looking for in a yoyo?

I’d say Puffin2 but I’m pretty sure Zach would disagree with me. :wink:

Something good for slack and long sleep and stabilty

Slack and whip tricks are more about the kind of string you’re using, so neither of these yoyos will help with that. They both sleep long enough to get through most long combos, and are pretty stable on the string.

Not really sure what else your looking for in a yoyo that will help us help you. I guess if you like bigger throws get the AC2, or if you don’t like full sized throws get the puffin. You won’t lose either way.

I like both but I think the ac2 is better

Neither is “better” than the other. They are both great players. Sanchez said it best, if you like bigger throws get the AC2. If you like smaller, get the Puffin 2. Either way, you’ll get an awesome yoyo.