How are the new clyw's


Hey! I really want a puffin 2 of a wooly marmot 2, but I can’t decide. My options are open and my friend will only sell one to me. Which one is better of a technical, undersized loving, semi-fast yoyo player. (Worst description ever, I know.)


You cant go wrong with either

I find the WM2 to be a bit more solid feeling

While the Puffin 2 is more comfortable


I have both. The puffin 2 is faster and spins faster too. But it’s really hard to decide which one I like more. If you can get a wooly marmot then get one. It is brilliant. I almost like everything about more than the puffin but the puffin is a bit better for horizontal because it’s a finger spin monster, it’s rediculous. But overall I’d say who’s style do you like more, Palli’s or Jensen kimmitt’s? That’s the deciding factor. I’d also have to say that the wooly marmot 2 can handle more tricks but that’s up for debate since they pretty much could both handle any trick you can throw.