Wooly Marmot vs Project 2

I’m thinking of getting one of these yoyos, but I can’t decide which too get. I know it is all preference and no yoyo is better than the other, but I want to know which one you like better and why?

Marmot cause it is really smooth and i like more round yoyos, its all about preferance

as one that has played with both of them and own a Marmot, I have to say I like both.
I like holding the P2 more and grinds with both are awsome!
play is different the P2 is more like my BVM which I love for some tricks but my Marmot is perfect for my fast tricks/my chopstick stuff.
the Marmot is more expinsive and unless you may be getting one in a trade then the next Marmot is going to be a limeted run that costs $150.
The P2 is a lot cheaper and plays just as good.
so if you like small and fast I say Marmot.
If you like medium sized go with P2.
I say go for P2, just as good and cheaper too.

This is a tough descision… I wouldn’t know which to choose. Both very good choices.


  1. What size do you prefer? (Big, small, medium, etc)
  2. What shape do you prefer? (Be specific: Round Butterfly, Flat Rims, pointy shape, H-Shape)
  3. What response do you prefer? (Silicone, O-Ring, Hybrid, Pad, etc)
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it?
  5. What weight is ideal to you?
  6. Does color matter?
  7. How does your style relate to the yoyo? (What kind of tricks do you like to do? Fast? Technical? Smooth? Slacks?)
  8. What is your price range?
  9. What is your skill level?

Personally, I liked the P2 much better. So much so I might have to take use Brad’s more at BLC. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brad, I kid of course. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: And welcome to play with it more next time I see you (and the MarkMont, which I’ll bring next time - when I have a case instead of just a bunch of pockets). You’ll just have to teach me a trick as rental payment. :smiley:

Project 2: 67.6 g, width: 40.63 mm, diameter: 50 mm, gap: 4.37 mm
Wooly Marmot: 65.20 g, width: 40.59 mm, diameter: 50.16 mm, gap: 4.23 mm

Spec-wise, not a big difference, P2 is 2g heavier. They both play great, but feel different due to the differences in design. Really comes down to preference - Logan bought the P2 and didn’t really like it, sold it to me to buy a Marmot which he likes a lot. I bought the P2 from him, and I really like it - I like the flat rims (great for snap starts), some don’t like them I guess. P2 feels smaller in the hand to me (more aggressive countour - holding them both right now), and heavier (which it is slightly).


Actually the WM is .16mm bigger then the P2 and the P2 is not medium sized.

I like the Marmot better. It plays much lighter and feels more comfortable in the hand and on the string.

Augie!!! :smiley:

Practicing on those backflips and other flips for worlds? :stuck_out_tongue: