which yoyo to decide?!?`

I have no idea which yoyo I should get please help.

The Project 2 is a very nice yoyo.
But the trainwreck is also very good!

If you don’t mind the small air bubble in the project 2 inner ring then 75 bucks is totally worth it.
Very smooth on the string, awesome yoyo.

The trainwreck is also a great choice.

Either way, you will love your new yoyo.

SPYY and Onedrop are two of the best yoyo companies and make some really fine yoyos.

In my preference, I would pick a project 2.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


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1.train wreck size is good (medium I think)
2. round, flat rims, and pointy
3. sili, o ring, and pad
4. maintain
6. not really
7.slacks and tricks that are kinda of long like I guess ladder escape

my preferences

I would say the project 2!

P2 all the way! One of the best yoyos out there!

Well, in that case, I think you should get the Trainwreck 2.0.

It fits all of your preferences, plus it has a small bearing. Some people will say that small bearings are only good for 5A, but I love throwing them for 1A as well. The bind-ability is just AMAZING. You won’t be disappointed! The P2 is good, but I think you will like a small bearing.

project 2