I was thinking about the P2. Then i got to look at the others. I am wondering if all the other ones are worth the money increase from the P2 (all in their latest versions).

The Project 2 is one of my favorite yoyo.
but they all play different.
Different shapes, weight etc.


If you’re looking for the “best” throw, none will be. If you’re looking for the best throw for the lowest price, get a plastic. With a good throw, you can do with a plastic what you can with a metal.

my dm just broke, but i think a little lighter and smaller. Around 67g would be perfect. I would love the yoyo to be smooth, that’s my style of play.

he asked us a question so i think we should answer it. wooly marmot

P2’s are butter for grinds and are unbelievably smooth because of the little ridges on the inside.

yeah i know the wooly is good, but what i want to know is it worth the $25 over the P2

Some may say it is.
but It’s all preference.

Yup. I like my $25 yoyo more than my $60 or even $80 dollar yoyo.

my b-day is here so i just want to know what to get.

Just look around. See what you might like.

Also, if it’s your birthday, does the cost really matter? (To an extent I mean.)

Its all aboyut preference, I mean I prefer my P2 over the 5 star and I prefer my Wooly Marmot over the G5 but I assure you that someone disagrees with me. If its your birthday soon it doesnt really matter if its worth it or not since your gonna get a lot of cash so just spend it on whichever looks coolest to you.

Is there a contest or a get-together near you? That would be a great place to try out yoyos and maybe even get a used one for a cheap price!

If there isn’t, I would recommend a P2. It is a good yoyo, and a great value.

The Wooly is also good, but will cost you a little more. Its shape is very similar to the DM, but it is a bit smaller.

The 5Star could also work, but it has a slightly greater Height/width ratio. If you enjoy FHZs, then that would be a great choice.

I wouldn’t recommend a G5 because you might really hate the shape. If you have a chance to try it out, that’s another story.

If you’re looking for smoothness, the 5Star is by far the smoothest out of all of those.