Funnest CLYW YoYo


After getting a Summit, assuming I like it (which I’m sure I will), I’m thinking about getting another CLYW yoyo. I’m curious what’s one of their funnest yoyo’s. The Puffin is advertised as such, but I think the Gnarwhal looks really fun too. What are your suggestions.


The Wooly Marmot is fun.


Haha, how many of these threads have you made in the past week? It’s all good though, I know just how hard it is to decide on a new yoyo. It feels like a life and death choice sometimes! :smiley:

Like you said, the Puffin and Gnarwhal are very fun to play with (Probably to of the most fun return tops to use from any brand), as well as the Campfire. A lot of people forget about the Campfire, but it’s extremely fun to use, and performs really well. Snag one on the BST if you can.


Lol. XD Yeah I’ve made at least 15 or something :stuck_out_tongue: (probably a bit too many). I’ve just gotten really exited about yo-yoing. I got my first yoyo 6 months ago and only learned to bind return 2 weeks ago. I practice as much as I can every day though.

Yeah I’d only looked at the yoyo’s that were available new on Yoyoexpert. I won’t bother checking BST until I’ve saved up enough for a yoyo.

Thanks for the advice!

I’ll try to post other stuff on the forum instead of the same old XD


I get what you mean. I think my favorite time of my yoyoing journey was when I first started. I loved the feeling of learning new tricks and discovering new stuff. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in yoyoing!


Yeah! Everyday I get WAY better. Today I learned The Matrix, yesterday I figured out how to do a much better bind return.


I agree that the organic undersized feel of the gnarwhal helps it feel much more fun then the other clyws that are competition oriented

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SB bassalope


It’s all different seeing there is Fun, Favorite, or Best- (opinion).
Fun- Wooly Marmot (Markmont), Sasquatch, and if you wait I would try the Yeti

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Cliff is super fun. Also Peaks are fun IMO but good luck finding that…


Marmots, Gnarwals, Puffins. You really can’t go wrong on the “fun” factor of ANY of these. Best advice I have read is " wait for the Yeti". Gonna be a great throw for probably a fourth of what you’d have to save up to buy any of the others new. Just have fun and remember, your next yoyo will NOT be your last. Hehe :wink:


I’m definitely hooked on the Gnarwal and the Yeti now. I did a lot of research on the Yeti and it looks really awesome! What I wonder is why suddenly gobs of companies are making plastic yoyos?


I could be super way off on this one but did the SpinFaktor patent run out. I was under the impression that the SpinFaktor patent that YYJ had included the bearing screwed directly into the molding. I could be 100% wrong on this but if that ran out it could explain why we are now seeing more plastics and specifically plastics with axle screwed in allowing for “metal smoothness”.


I’d say the BVM is the most fun. The undersized and organic feel of it is just so comfy to me


Probably because CLYW, OD, and other companies realize that some people (like me) aren’t willing to spend more than $100 on a yoyo. I guess this is more of a problem for CLYW though…after all their cheapest is $125 currently.


Easy choice for me, based on your exact question. The Puffin.

There is a statement that is often used in the ‘Boxing World’. <> Pound for pound, in his weight Class ‘so and so’ is the Best boxer in the World.

And likewise, in the Stable of CLYW yoyos, each of us that has or has owned Most of them, can give a similar explanation.

For me, just based on messing with yoyos for the past 15 years and having owned and thrown most CLYW yoyos, the Most Fun(high performance) yoyo would hands down be the Puffin.

It exhibits a most excellent balance of positive features.

Puffin = High Fun Factor.

All CLYW are fun, though… The Puffin is just a seriously fun Powerhouse of a yoyo. It is Energy on a string.


*Most fun

Cliffs are nutty fun. I’m thinking about getting one for myself.


For me, H5xChief. Followed by Puffin.


I really enjoy the H5xChief and the Ava, but for me, my favorite for pure fun is the Canvas. I understand what yoyodoc was saying about the Puffin, but I normally can’t look the Canvas for pure enjoyment!


Essentially it sounds like all CLYW are extremely fun. But I think I’ll get the Gnarwhal.