Puffin2, avalanche, or ac2

So,which one


I still love the Avalanche so much, but it’s largely nostalgia for me. I have all 3 and they’re all great. Pick whichever one seems prettiest to you. They’re all great.

Depends on your playstyle :slight_smile:

I want something floaty, maybe in between, not too floaty, not too solid, can go slow or fast, long sleep times, grinds well, very stable, good for slacks and complex string tricks that can handle layers of string, good for horizontal, smooth with no vibe, and snappy binds that work every time. ;D

Sounds like the puffin 2 to me :slight_smile:

where can i get the puffin 2?

Only the B/S/T right now. The first run sold out on the CLYW store, but Chris and Chuck said there were more on the way to your favorite retailers. I’m sure YYE will have the second run soon.

they didn’t sell out, there at SLUSNY store


Does anyone know of a yoyo that fits my preferences exactly, that would be the perfect throw for me

The Marmot 2 should be out soon I would go with that.