Have 60 bucks to blow.

So, what should I get?
I like a little undersized, I need it to grind, I like a little floaty.

Would a puffin be good?

Cause i bought one puffin.

YYR Draupnir; when you can :slight_smile:

$200 worth of stuff.

Without preferences being expressed, there’s little point in recommending anything.


Get a dietz while they’re still out. Awesome undersized and can grind :slight_smile: some MYY and the rest on accessories.

Or you could wait it out until black friday, that’s what I’m doing with my $200… So many choices idk what to get, I keep changing my mind, but I got time to think lol. I’ll probably get a YYR, Classic,Fiesta XX, pads, and other accessories

Something Angle

usually, the order is:

“Ask about the item first, process the flood of information, then make a decision”.


“I bought it, is it good?” Too late! Already decided…

Anyhow, yeah, the Puffin is pretty nice. Kinda floaty, can get kind of medium fast, stable, smooth, fantastic spin times, pretty comfortable in my hands, grinds good. I mean, since you already bought the Puffin and it’s too late for any input to mean anything, all I can say is that it’s a great yoyo and I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I really enjoy mine. With your needs being “A little floaty” and “needs to grind”, yeah, this one is gonna be good for you.

Thanks! Looked like the right one

Get a minute since it’s undersized as well and meets the price point

Buy 100 yysl ammo

To go with your puffin

Lol, no. I think epic string is good…

Well then get 40 dollars worth of that, some extra snow tires (thats whats in the puffin, right?)

Lol, I make Epic Strings.

Ohh. I feel stupid now.

And they are AMAZING… even though he told me he was too busy to buy and make me strings :wink:

no, it’s ok.

Ok, ok, I have started back up.

How about a DI base 2 I had the original it wasn’t that bad for grinds and is somewhat floaty as well.