I think I am ready for a change, but i need your help!

So I have been using my YYF Shutter for about 2 months now, I use it daily and I am constantly trying new tricks and making of my own. Although I know 2 months is not a long time to have a yoyo for, as far as I know, I think I am ready to branch out and try something else. After all not everyone just has on throw right? So currently I am doing 1A string tricks, anything I can find online that my brain can understand I will attempt. But I’m not looking for a competition grade yoyo, unless that is what you recommend. I find my play style and what I want is just for more freestyle, no rules, no expectation playing. Something fun and floaty that will put a smile on my face :D. That is all that I can think of to help you guys help me. Remember I am incredibly new to this thing, it’s only been about 2 months. I can answer any other questions if need be.


Most important question: what sort of budget are you working within?


Oh yes! I don’t think I have one! xD I am not to worried about the price, I’ll take what I will learn here and then see if it’s really feasible after I get some help. I’m an easy sell!

Still Need help

Well You Mentioned You Like Floaty

One Yoyo That Popped in My Head Was The Clyw Puffin, Ive Only Gotten To Try One Of Those Things Once But I Remember It Being Pretty Floaty And Fun To Throw. Its Not Being Produced Anymore But The Puffin 2 Was Just Released.

Ive Never Thrown a Puffin 2 Before But The Design Looked Pretty Similar To The original So It Should Be Just as Good If Not Better

Hope This Helped

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I did read about it, and took a look at a review in defiantly is first on my mind! Have you looked in the seed at all? I like the look and i like the way it plays from what ive seen.

Clyw Makes Good Yoyos I Dont Think You’ll Be Disappointed

I’ve Been looking around for it, where do you even buy it xD not even there site has it, yoyoexpert doesnt, xD

2 months with one yoyo is an eternity! Hahaha! Look around at who you’re talking to… the phrase “2 months is not a long time to have a [single lonely] yoyo for” is almost like reading a foreign language…!

The Puffin or Puffin 2 was an excellent recommendation. Plays distinctly different from the Shutter and is a lot of fun. There are yoyos that are even floatier, but the Puffin hits the right notes for me. And Erik’s guesswork is on the money, too-- the sequel plays very much in the same ballpark as the original, but with just a touch more stability.

There should be a few Puffin 2’s left at the CLYW site, but if you can wait they will be available here as well. No timeline on that. Or, there’s the BST.

If you don’t want to go BST or Puffin, my other whole-hearted recommendation is the Werrd Minute. It’s inexpensive while at the same time delivering just as much fun as the Puffin. I really love that yoyo. And it’s got pretty much everything… great grinds, comfy shape, decent spins, floaty feeling on the throw, and matador spikes! I can’t recommend the Minute highly enough.

Wut is bst?

Buy/Sell/Trade… in your case, the “buy” part. It’s a sub-board here on the YYE forums where you can find a previously-enjoyed yoyo. People sell Puffins there sometimes. Not likely to find many Puffin 2’s yet.

Thanks for the clarification , im at the clyw store but it has NOThing listed… might be down? idk greg wut is ur put on the seed? i saw it listed as a new release a few weeks back and it seemed floaty enough as well. But i havent seen any reviews of it yet. But i was inerested.

Oh yes, the store is offline. They had mentioned it was going down on Sunday. If they had any stock, it’s going… who knows where. Possibly here…? There were a few Puffin 2s left, but not many.

The Seed looks AWESOME! At 68g it’s not a light throw, but the large diameter will make it feel pretty floaty and fun. And it’s the signature throw of Riccardo Fraolini who is about as dope a thrower as you’re going to find.

Are you saying people are selling here? or the store is? i thought you said they weren’t but i want to jump on this if i can. I guess it’s just as impressive of throwing a puffin then it is to actually buying one.

Throws I would choose from:
Ape X
86400 and Irony JP


YYE provides a spot on their forum, and sometimes moderators are asked to give their opinions on a dispute (which are rare), but beyond that, any transactions are strictly between you and the person you’re buying from or trading with. YYE assumes no responsibility.

A severe

Puffin 3 is 53 mm and is 65g so it’s fast and medium sized, can’t go wrong with it

Haha puffin 2 I mean