Getting back into yoyo and I want a good throw


When I stopped playing yoyo I was somewhere in the advanced part 2 tricks on yoyo expert. Now I started back up I am looking for a good new yoyo to throw. I am looking at some CLYW and Yoyo Factory as well. I play a little slow and like a normal sized throw (nothing too large or small) and nothing to heavy or light. Thanks.


If yu want clyw
yu can prolly buy a summit i thinks its a full size yo.
or buy the puffin 2 I heard there’s few still in stock
then theres the Arctic Circle it is amazing super smooth for your slow movements
if not check out BST
I only have a plastic YYF


You can’t go wrong with most of the yoyos available today. You can find anything great within your budget, as well. CLYW AC2, Puffin 2… General Yo is dropping a new yoyo very soon. Most of the suggestions you’ll hear are of newer models but things that came out a few months ago are more than sufficient.


I’m gonna second the Arctic Circle 2


I am also a fan of yoyofactory