$140 budget for NEW yoyo, help me out.

I will buy anything that is good up to $140. It may be slightly more expensive if anything. Doesn’t matter of shape and weight. Size must be normal or over-sized, I hate smaller yoyos such as DV888 for example. List one yoyo and tell me WHY I should get it!

Here is my collection so far,
Summit, Next Level, Space Cowboy, Code 1, Shipwreck, Gradient, Supernova 7075, Nifty, 14’ Benchmark W, and Shutter.

rainfly… bimetal plays like a yyr draupnir… super smooth… the best yoyo in my case.

You don’t have any CLYWs, and there are two dropping tonight! Puffin 2 in solid colors, and the second to last run of AC2s! Probably a last real chance to get one, and that’s reason enough for me haha

Puffin 2 I’ve heard is a great yoyo, and I know for sure the AC2 is. It was used for 1st and 2nd at PNWR this year.

ever hear of the clyw summit by chance??

A chief is good, not sure if they’re still in stock. Avalanche, Sasquatch, ac2 idk there’s a lot if good clyws

That’s a OneDropXCLYW, not a CLYW.

Leviathan 5 because it is smooth and long live spin
But a bit small :frowning:

Well guys, I made my decision to get the new Ti from YYF. I am going to put 200 down. Thanks for all the help. I am so excited.

i have a feeling you wont regret it…

i dunno where you get the money, but i want that kinda cash.

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Haha cool

I work for The Galactic Empire, I engineered the Star Destroyer. The Empire have all the money in the world, so they pay good.