Have 160 to spend.

I’m just basically looking for something to spend my extra money on but want the best bang for $125 $160

Here is my collection so far,
Summit, Next Level, Space Cowboy, Code 1, Shipwreck, Gradient, Supernova 7075, Nifty, 14’ Benchmark W, and Shutter. I also placed 200 onto the YYF Titanium last week.

I think the cascade is a good yoyo, really fun to throw a round. Hard to go wrong right now, so many good yoyos out

I’d look into getting your first CLYW. You can find just about any in any color way for around 100 usually, and they play really nice.

If you don’t have a Chief you need one of those…

Oh shoot you don’t have a General-Yo lol! I’d wait for the Prophecy: a larger Prestige with a new cup design; I’ve reserved a b-grade. Can’t wait for it, as the Prestige is definitely one of my favorites.

I would recommend a CLYW, though most are slightly above your price range:
Puffin 2

or a C3yoyodesign yoyo such as:
+$10 P wave (Highly Recommended)
You really can’t go wrong with these two companies


cosider something under 54mm

G2 AL7 Quake

CLYW Orca is dropping Saturday for $130 with free shipping if you’re willing to go up 5 bucks! Orca looks fantastic

Thanks for the ideas you guys. I have changed my budget to $160

Get dat ORCA!

Sturm Panzer Schneider MK2
Yoyorecreation Sleipnir/Sheepnir
Turning Point Leviathan 5 or Positron 2
Yoyomonster 7075 Checkmate
Irony JPX
Werrd 86400
YYF Too Hot
Yoyorecreation Diffusion 2
G2 Triton
Monkeyfinger APE-X
C3 Movitation

Of course there’s always the used market. Saw a first run Anglam CC for $130 and there’s always other options.

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What do you guys think of the Tropic Spins Finch? The prototype is available to buy now but I am waiting for the production batch.

Well what are you kind of looking for? You have enough yoyo’s that play in top tier levels. So I’m assuming at this point your just collecting. If your not just collecting then spec out your throws and get something that is totally different than what you have. But if you are collecting then what do you collect? Colors like total artist? I noticed you like silver. Or different brands? Or do you draft your yoyos like the Detroit Lions draft their players, the next best available player? If the latter is the case then patience young pad wan. Great things are still to come. I’m waiting for the next run of the monkeyfinger Caesar. Way out there throw shape and size wise with wicked awesome colors. And you won’t find a better grinder. GIVE US SOME FEEDBACK MAN!!!M!MmM!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

positron 2, or orca

I have to say it again, it’s that important. Orca is dropping tonight! Get your hands on one of those!

Have you considered a OD Valor?