$160 and I need some help.

So yesterday was my birthday and I got 160 dollars, I know I’m going to buy some response and lube so that leaves me with about 130. I want to get a new yoyo or two but there are so many. I prefer yo-yos that are 56 in diameter and somewhat on the wider side, versatile (slow and fast moving), smooth, and either have spikes or an indent for finger spins in the cup, fun. I found a few but want your opinion,
Heavy hitter 3
Onedrop chick
Eighty-six 400
Octave 1st gen
New genesis

What do you currently have?

They are all good, pick what one looks more pretty…

Bvm2 trust me

Champ. Gold Edition of the Shutter by YYF is one of the best yoyos I have ever played. And trust me, I’ve played quite a few yoyos (In cluding most if not all CLYWs.) Also, if you get the Shutter you could get a Yeti from clyw’s site (if there are still any left, that is)

You could always put spikes on a summit as well

I’ve found a flat inner cup works for finger spins as well. Have you looked at these since they’re definitely on the wider side?
2013 Superstar

Others that have spikes/nubs for finger spins would be:
Code 2
model 10

Some personal favorites of mine would be:
Electric Flash
Positron 2

Out of all the ones you’ve listed I’d get a barracuda or 86400 though. If I was looking for a 56mm throw that was amazing I’d get the Positron 2 and if I absolutely needed to do fingerspins I’d probly take the krown.

Well my collection consists of a wrath, shutter , g funk, dark magic2 , echo, grind machine, freak hand, maverick, speedaholic, shaqlerstar, upgraded classic, fhz, jet set ec, hayabusa, and a few various loopers. I really like the shutter and my wrath definitely is my baby but I was looking for either a love child of the shutter and wrath or something like I described in the first post. Thank you for all your help so far guys ^_^.

Have you considered the yoyoofficer Hatchet or maybe try finding a vsnewton skywalker?

Maybe the eternal throw victory or superfly remix would be worth looking into

Edit: Just thought of the New Doublejoker as well which might be worth looking into

If you go BST hunting you could probably find a FG BvM2 and then still have enough for something like a Yeti or Rally or string. YoyoOfficer is a good option too.

With a remainder budget of $130, the ability to buy two may not be entirely possibly. It’s not impossible.

“Etc.”? Sorry, I gotta work with specifics.

If you’re gonna go most CLYW, that’s it,one and you’re done. That’s the only negative. Great stuff an well worth the money.

I think you could get an Eighty-Six 400 and an OG Octave. That would be a great combination if you gotta have two since they are so very different. I have both, and they are just different, yet great.

Strix: I’m still undecided on this, but I have one and I like it, I just haven’t spent all that much time with it. I got the 2013 Nationals Edition. Excellent budget-oriented throw.
The Barracuda is an awesome yoyo. Kills your budget for two unless you want a Classic, Speedaholic or Surge for your second.

The HH3 is another awesome yoyo, but with the price tag, makes it hard to get a second yoyo.

The Chik is also awesome and leaves budget for a Strix perhaps.

The rest are either models I don’t have or don’t like, or in some cases simply don’t have interest in.

A few others worth considering:
The H3X, Quake, AL-5(3Yo3), Square Wheels Royale or even the Rockefeller, Electric Flash, Trident and “etc”…

There’s so many options. Get 2 blasted Shutters and go nuts with them and you still have money left over for bearings.