Yelets? Code? Avalanche? Chief? SPYY

So I’m gonna get some money for my b-day on the 13th and was thinking of getting my first ‘high-end’/over $45 yoyo. I asked a while ago about the addiction but someone said to just save for a clyw. I’d like the yoyo I buy to be spectacular. Preferably dead smooth, cool name and color, mid to undersized, all metal, between $1-$150.


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Well, it depends on what you’re looking to get. For a relaxing yoyo, I suggest a Cascade. I disliked it at first, but it grew on me so much that I liked it more than the Majesty. I don’t own an addiction, but I’ve heard it also really good. Not the best at horizontal, because of the shape, but I think it would be a great chill out throw. Supra i’ve heard is awesome too. Also the Punchline/ punchline repeater seem to be favorites from spyy. From CLYW, there’s not much undersized, but I’ve also heard that the gnarwhal is good.

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I would recommend the Summit. It gives you the best aspects of two incredible companies in one yo-yo and they are easy to find.

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Of those you list, the Chief is my favorite.

But why compromise? Get the best: Yoyorecreation anything

To get a YYR under 150 he’d probably have to scoure the BST… Probably not what he wants to do for his first metal. >.<

If you’re looking for dead smooth and a good bang for your buck, you can’t miss with OneDrop. Of the ones you listed, the Chief is an absolute monster and many people swear by it. With that being said, it’s definitely not mid to undersized. On that end, I love the CLYW Puffin and it seems to fit your wants pretty well. It’s smooth, has a great variety of colorways as all clyws do, and the name’s pretty sweet if you ask me. It is at the very very top of your price range though.

YYR Are $150 shipped straight from the company all day long, shipped EMS from Japan and arrive faster than most US companies deliver. I’ve seen other YYR on the B/S/T for $120 and under, and i myself have sold 4 or 5 YYR new in box for <$100 in the last month. Pretty sure at this moment there’s a Gleipnir, Clash, and 6 all available for awesome deals, and i’m sure some others i haven’t seen. Just saying.

What he said. Also, I would recommend the chief as a second choice if you don’t like the look of the summit.

thanks you GEeezer, we respect your opinion, although we all have to admit : IT SUCKS, just like your “best”

hate ends here

regardless of the brand you pic, anything over 100$ will play amazing, japanese throw will “grantee” you that quality a bit more, but hey, go with the color if that’s your thing, going for a name? meh…names can be forgotten…plus its a dumb way of looking at yoyo. go for the color you like best, in the end, you’ll end up loving your yoyo, and that’s what you want for your hi end yoyo right?

consider the following brands: CLYW, Turning Point, yoyorecreation, something by yoyoaddicts(overpricedfor you) …–> those are my top brands

I like my supernova

There’s so many nice choices in that price range. I suggest you look through the shops and at some reviews and see what personally appeals to you.

If you want smooth the smoothest yoyo I own is the Yelets. Smooth as butta!!!

Spyy is the bee’s knee’s. Seriously.

Yelets is a great choice as well. Side Effects and a great pocket friendly design. Plus, it is silky smooth.

Why did you ditch the Addiction? One of the smoothest yoyos I have ever had in my life! I think peoples first mistake is making these threads because they get their eyes on something they like, ask about how good it is or whats better and then get blasted with so many other choices they dont know what to think! Just go with your first pick. You won’t be disappointed!


well actually I never had the money for either that’s why. I was planning on getting it but the money never came (I think a babysitting job was cancelled… Idk lol).
Thanks for all the input I’m putting a lot if thought in what you guys are saying. However my birthday’s not until the 13th which means I’d love to hear what more people have to say :slight_smile: . (Ps names aren’t a deal breaker or anything, I was just stating good yoyo + cool name= mind… Blown)

Alright I’ve narrowed my search to eight, and since they’re all gonna meet my standards, I chose to go with the ILOVEYOYO and One Drop Sakura. for all those interested my other 7 were:
CLYW: Summit, Puffin
SPYY: El Ranchero, RONIN, Addiction
One Drop: Dietz, YELETS