What should I have someone get me for my birthday? $150-$200


So I’m currently trying to make a 28 Stories CLYw collection so I’ve been very focused on that. My birthday is around the corner and my girlfriend is willing to spend around $150 on yoyos and stuff for me. With the 4th of July sale around the corner I know I can probably squeeze $200 of stuff out for under/around $150.

I’ve really been liking throws that are 50-56mm diameter, comfortable in the hand, and fun to play.
I am definitely willing to consider something bigger or smaller if it’s something that I won’t be able to put down. I’ve only owned a lot of CLYW and I know she can’t buy me one because there aren’t any in stock pretty much anywhere.

This yoyo doesn’t need to have any type of high resale value or a good following because I will never sell it. It will remain with me until it breaks/gets stolen/I die. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, what do you guys suggest I get? I want to keep it to things she can buy from retail stores, like YYE.

Thanks for the help!


Basically any yoyorecreation is worth trying since it’s a completely different feel over clyw. I prefer the sleipnir and if you want something that’s a load of fun there’s the overdrive. Werrd makes the Irony 2k13 which is a beast as well. sOMEThING has the Angle and Superfly remix which I really enjoyed too. I love the stepped profile of the checkmate from yoyomonster and I bet the 7075 version is a blast since it’s lighter. Turning point has the leviathan 5 which is lighter and faster. I loved the levithan 1 and 4 so I bet the 5 is great too. The positron 2 might fit you more though since it’s competition focused. I’ve also heard great things about the paranoid. Onedrop has the valor which is great and the cascade which is a blast to throw as well. Figured you already own a summit :slight_smile: It’s on the cheaper end but I love the C3 movitation as well. If you bought that you could get a Crazy-D as well which is my favorite playing delrin throw and really my only daily carry these days. Final throw to consider is the new general-yo amplitude which I’ve heard nothing but good things about.


For the record, you can find CLYWs in stock, but you’ll probably have to pay for international shipping.

Have you ever played a OD Cascade or Summit? Both are fun to play, and comfortable in the hand. My Summit is probably my favorite yoyo at the moment.

They are under $150, though.


One Drop. Check out the Code 2, 54, Valor, Format C, and Chik. All great throws.


I say get 4 shutters and Classic!


But if it were me I’d buy a Summit, and also a Benchmark.


So let me add this into the records:

I own a Summit, Chik, Shutter.

I was considering the Valor/Cascade/Code 2 but I was thinking something Japanese for a change of pace.

Out of all the Japanese companies that Sparhawk mentioned, can I get some more feedback on some of those?

THanks guys, I’m loving all of these suggestions!!! :slight_smile:



The C3yoyodesign Krown is something I have heard great things about.


Of the japanese throws yoyorecreation is definitely the most popular here in the usa. I’d direct your yoyorec questions to the yoyorecreation appreaciation thread. They’re really helpful in helping you decide on which one you want.


Same here, I was looking at that!


Done! I hope they can help me figure it out.


I know Shai is loving his Sturm Panzers. He has reviews of a couple of them here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,75200.0.html

There are a lot of Japanese brands that are largely unknown here in the US. Shai seems to keep up on those pretty well, he might be a good resource.


I like the idea, I’m going to look into it more after job number 2. But I really want to try and stay here at YYE for purchases. She’s not te best with the interwebs.


Well the Mr Butcher is in stock and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it


Ya know, I would be extremely lucky if everything I got valued to more than $50.

anyway, yeah the YYR yoyos are all around really good.


Something anglam!


I’d say that last Summit in the Deep Space colorway. It’s a stunningly beautiful anno/wash design. I ordered the second to last one, and it will be here on Thursday… I can’t wait…

Edit: oops, too late unfortunately.


YYE is having a 4th of July sale?

Tell me more - what will be on sale, how much will it be marked down, etc.?


They did last year. It was a sale based on how much you bought. Something along the lines of 10% off of $50+, 15% off of $100+, and 20% off of $200+. Not sure I have he ranges right.



Code 2s are great.