Coming back after a looooong break... advice!!!???

Hey everyone! I’ve been absent for quite some time. I’ve been throwing since the mid to late 90’s when a Cherry Bomb was my everyday throw and my Playmaxx Cold Fusion was my prized possession… After putting them down and getting caught up again in life, I had a few spurts but really hadn’t thrown for years since then. I moved out west and in the process of going through some things, found some of my old throws in a box and figured, I’m not really using these and they’re just collecting dust… I wonder how much I could get for’em on ebay? So I popped online and my mind was completely blown.

I had never seen anything like it, unresponsive play was a thing and I was left there sitting mouth agape… I went to sell my old stuff and instead ended up buying my first modern throw… I picked up a Spyy Radian bead blasted black edition and it was kind of off to the races from there. It must have been around 2006. I started throwing with a few friends that I had met online and we started the PDX Yoyo Crew here in Portland OR. One of those gents was Colin, one of the founders of One Drop and now with Tmbr YoYo’s. I had a ton of fun with all those guys but ended up hanging up the yoyo’s slowly but surely as my career in music was in full swing around '07-'08. I haven’t really thrown since except for a few minutes here and there in between. I had sold off just about all of my collection with the exception of 2, a Doc Pop Modded Bolt I picked up from him when he came to town and spent the day throwing with us and the PDX crew, and a first run prototype One Drop Project ‘it has Project PDX engraved on the side’ that Colin gave to us prior to launch for testing and funnzys.

Well I got the itch again lately and tried to pop on to one of the old forums the other day only to find it had long since been shut down… Popped over to One Drop’s page hoping they were still going strong and was incredibly happy to see that their still rockin it, and through there page had found You guys have a fantastic site here btw! So as I’m scoping everything out, I see a nice big countdown timer on CLYW and One Drops collaboration ‘The Summit’ and it was only a few minutes until it was launching… Good timing for me, bad timing for my wallet lol. So I just picked up a Summit Dragon Slayer edition, some side effects ‘grey spikes’, some extra snow tire pads and a few other odds and ends… So Hi!

A few questions I had… First one being a rather loaded one, what have I missed??? What are the top throws and most coveted now a days? Oh an important one… last I throwed I had started using g string and polly highlights for string and now see that there are a few new players around i.e. toxic among others. How do they compare and what do you guys like? For tricks, the last trick I learned and now have to re learn at least the second half of since forgetting it was ladder escape… what should I start working on and whats changed in the style of play???

Oh and for the Mods, I apologize in advance if I have posted this under the wrong spot or there is a better place to ask this stuff. I know you guys work very hard and from the looks of the forum thus far do a fantastic job! I’ll get up to speed on these new digs as quickly as possible.

Thanks again and Hi everyone!


Well, I only started about a year and a half ago, so I’ll tell you what I can. CLYW is probably one of the most popular brands right now, their most popular yoyo being the Chief. High performance plastics and budget metals have gotten to be very high quality and popular. Other than that, I can’t tell you much more because your questions are very general and I haven’t been around that long. Really, almost any metal you get these days will be of a high quality, it’s mostly preference. I hope I helped you.:grinning:

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I’m checking out the Chief now. I have had a few CLYW throws in the past, including the first run 28 stories bear vs. man. I did enjoy that yoyo quite a bit.

Also,the amount of crazy awesome players have increased, both sponsored and unsponsored

No joke! It used to be you’d find a few videos from some of the larger crews and snips from nationals and worlds… Now everybody and their mother can throw a bomb… It makes me very happy! So much innovation. There are a lot of us from the old school crowd who remember the days of a new trick hitting the scene every 6 months or more. “woah! did you see that?! he said it was called splitting the atom!” I’m also overjoyed having watched maybe 4 video’s and already seeing 2 or 3 female players! There used to be in total… maybe 2 or 3 serious female players!

if you want some good strings, beyond 42 strings are great. its a small business but I dont use any other strings than his. its under the forum section, manufacturers news. he does a nice job. have fun getting back into the swing of things! :slight_smile:

Get some bulk string and then get the Botique Bundle when it comes out.

You know it’s kind of weird, clyw used to be all anyone wanted, but now everyone wants general-yo… Strange.

Hiroyuki suzuki won worlds AGAIN!

General Yo and CLYW are my too favorite companies. And in my opinion to of the best companies. I would love to see a Collab between them. Have a KLR on the way and getting a 28S Summit. :slight_smile:

Here’s the best advice you’ll ever get. Buy any General Yo you see.

Or, you could go see Ernie and buy his yoyos directly from him!