Puffin 2?


I’ve got 150 bucks and a tough decision to make
Should I get a:
Puffin 2
Supernova and something else
Some other yoyo
Please let me know


The Puffin 2 is one of my faves. If you want an awesome midsize yoyo, you can’t go wrong with the Puffin 2.


I like both, but I loooove the Puffin 2!


^Adam may be a little biased, but definitely go for a puffin 2. Hats off to Chris for a great design .


I myself would go for the puffin 2 as well, out of the choices you named. It drop now later today and since you got the cash, I’d get one while you have the chance.

Keep us updated with what you decide to get!


Puffin 2 it is so good


puffin 2 is great


Go on the BST. Buy a Puffin 2 and a Supernova. Problem solved!