Should I get a yeti or Puffin 2?

with the next release coming up soon i was wondering Should I get a yeti or Puffin 2? throw out your opinions or recommendations i really cant decide.

thank you

You will be able to get almost 3 yeti’s for the cost of one ano splash edition puffin 2

You should definitely get a Yeti or a Puffin 2. No question.

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I’d personally go for the puffin 2 over the yeti but there’s a considerable price difference

I definitely want a BBB puffin 2 as my first BBB. But the yeti look great too. Does anyone have a first hand experience with the yeti that can tell me how it is?

I’d save up for the Puffin 2, it looks VERY promising…

If you do decide yeti, I and some others do prefer the Rally over it, smoother and more stable. Rally is faster and yeti is slower, so pick your poison.

Yeti is the one of the most unique yoyos you will ever play in terms of feel on the string and one of my favorite yoyos ever. While Puffin 2 is what appears to be a competition monster.

Which color yeti did you get to try since certain colors play faster than others due to the weight difference?

Get a new Yeti… and use the rest of the cash on a used Puffin in the BST! … that way you get both.

No used Puffin 2’s to be had just yet. Certainly not at a bargain. Not that many used CLYW’s go cheap anyhow. :wink:

your right… sheesh… I thought a used CLYW would leave enough cash for the yeti. even used they are 100+.

I got a near mint AC for $70, so you never know.

I agree with all of this. The Puffin 2 looks ridiculously amazing, but the Yeti is my most played throw of 2013 and honestly, thus far in 2014 as well. I have an original black Yeti and a purple Yeti and they’re both excellent. They play nearly identically. I cannot really tell a difference. Sometimes I want the black, sometimes I want the purple, but they’re the same.

If you’re “rich,” get both, if not, get whichever you can more easily afford, or whichever you want more, honestly. I love the Yeti and I hope to enjoy the Puffin 2.

I know eventually more Yetis will be available, but currently the store says they’re sold out…I don’t know if Chris will have more on Friday yet or not. I don’t believe he has said anything, though I may be mistaken.

I have a puffin 2 I have only played two days but i can give you guys my two cents. The puffin 2 plays very fast like the puffin and the puffin 2 feels a bit more floaty and spins a lot longer and is more stable than the puffin. As for the yeti it is awesome and plays very unique but i would get a puffin 2.

How i got it so soon is I got it factory direct

i have a 28 stories puffin 2 on the way, never tried a yeti. but thinking of getting one. i just hate spacers though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m hearing a lot of great stuff on the Puffin 2. But it’s just so expensive…

I can’t say since I haven’t played the Puffin 2 yet but damn the Yeti is my current fav throw. It isn’t the best in any category but I guess if I made a fun category it would be it.

Before the Yeti was probably the Summit then tied with the Bonfire but now I can’t put the Yeti down.

Also since it is lower priced and plastic, I don’t really worry about dings or scratches.

And now I wait for the next release so I can pick up a couple more Yeti’s.