MINT Pink Puffin 2 for Sale Only - $115 shipped. Grey Yeti - $60. $135 for both!


Puffin 2, MINT. Solid Pink. $115 Shipped via Paypal, US Only.

i do not have boxes for either the Puffin 2 or Yeti


All Damage pictured, both spacers/bearing seats are scratched up from having to pry them off the bearing. I sanded them down and they fit/work and don’t affect play negatively.

Plays smooth, but does require tuning.

$60 via paypal, shipped in US only.

Buy both for $165 shipped


Bump. Would love to sell these ASAP. :-*


If these are still available, Id be willing to pay 145. The Yeti sold for 40$ retail and no boxes. Plus the Yeti isn’t mint. I think that’s a fair price.

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