I need some help deciding.

today I got $140.00 and I was wondering what I should buy.
I can’t seem to make up my mind so could the people on this forum help me decide?
I am interested in suggestion for yo-yo’s but maybe I would be interested in suggestions for a camera.

A Camera
Lots of Dollar Store YoYos
A really nice dinner
A special edition P2
1200 Strings
Lots of Coke
A YoYo

Anything NYYR.

Or a whole bunch of YoYo accessories.

And some PFS.

A 2nd run 5 star. ;D

if I decide to try and get one there is 2% change i’ll actually get it.

Whatabout a cut?

hmm in my opinion if you cant decide just save up your money until you find something that you want to buy.

You need rehab :wink:

Do you feel like you have enough yoyos? If so, buy lots of accessories. String, lube, gloves, bearings, shims, pads or even a FAST holder if you want to. And if you have some money left, you can buy an Aquarius to get started with 4a or just a bang-for-buck yoyo you can afford.

he most likely means coke a cola, the soda. please do not make it sound like something else. keep our fourms clean. (PLEASE!)

Please note the “This is supposed to sound like a joke” wink behind

I am think of getting a P2. a Hectic, a Wooley Marmot, a Basselope an accesories to go. I just need help deciding the yo though. :wink:

I think you should consider carefully before buying it. Or else, save your money for a rainy day. There is a financial crisis going on there.

Not a bad idea. If you invest that, you can buy a lot more than 1 yoyo in a few years.

I am very seriously considoring getting a P2 once restocked. this and Hectic are the only two that are staying i my mind the most.

Or you could buy a yo now and play with it for 2 years. My wife is a financial advisor so I hear ya…trust me, I do. You gotta weight the pros and cons…and the pros are a yo for the next year or 2 vs pretty good gains coming out of a flat bear market. ;D Id take the yo…especially if its disposable income. Then again I am not qualified to give you any info, except the yo you get will be fun!